How to stop receiving annoying mails and spam messages

Even been wondering why suddenly you get to receive so many unwanted e-mails and newsletters form bags, jewelry, penis enhancements or losing wait? Well, it surely isn’t your fault, it is just that you have registered on so many sites (or maybe just one wrong site) which sell e-mail databases.

But, no need to panic.

1 First step is to click all of them, open the message without clicking on links that could be malicious.

2. Find the unsubscribe link that can be usually found at the end of message

3. Click on it and be sure to go through the steps if needed. Sometimes just clicking “unsubscribe” isn’t enough, but you have to click again on unsubscribe after clicking on this link. Be sure to take care of that.

4. In the end, try to leave your feedback because newsletter systems have strict policies. If you leave a feedback saying that you did not subscribed for the list, after few of them leave the same feedback, this sender will be blocked and his list with all these e-mails (including yours) will not be functional for any other e-mail campaigns.

It does take some time to go through all those unwanted spam e-mails in your inbox or junk folder, but in the end it is worth couple minutes of your time.

The message at the end of the process is truly satisfying 🙂


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