How to survive the middle age crisis – the worst nightmare for man

Some do not seem to realize midlife crises seriously enough because of the lack of ‘ objective evidence’ for this phenomenon. It involves emotional problems of a man who is afraid of his age. The so-called mid-life crises in men involves lack self-confidence, fear of aging, fear of losing their reputation at work and of course, fear of loss of sexual power.

What are the symptoms of midlife crisis?

Usually the partner is the one that notices signs of midlife crisis. This crisis equally affects men and women, but is considered to be more pronounced in men. If you notice your partner is often nervous for no apparent reason, is frequently in a bad mood and has low self-esteem, it is very likely the start of mid-life crisis. Men are starting to turn up some things from my youth or new things that are popular – fitness, an extreme sport, they start to fear the hair loss or go with the diet.

Try not to think about his age as something horrible, but embrace them, enjoy them and follow these tips to always be in shape. Exercise, socialize with friends and an active sex life will help you with that.

Sexual activity

Erectile dysfunction usually has a physical cause in older men because they do not receive enough blood to areas where should appear sexual desire. In order to improve circulation should quit smoking and start exercising.

Do mind the waist

Over the years it happens to men and women tend to have certain difficulties when to loosing the weight that has accumulated. In men, the excessive fats that have accumulated in the waist can cause cardiovascular problems. Try to be careful how you eat and what you eat.

Check the prostate

The thing you should never avoid is a prostate exam. Various problems with the male reproductive gland may arise with the years. It is best to go to regular controls to reduce the risk of prostate cancer disease or any other prostate anomalies.

Reduce alcohol consumption

It should be mentioned that it would probably be a good advice to reduce the amount of alcohol, while the larger amounts of alcohol can lead to cancer of the liver or even stroke.


Spend your free time with the loved ones, because it turns out that positive energy contributes to better health of both body and spirit.