Ultimate food for the brain and its activity

, Ultimate food for the brain and its activity

The brain is an organ that uses absolutely all the vitamins and minerals in smaller or larger amounts. The lack of any nutrient can have a negative impact on the brain and its function.

However, there are foods that provide the brain with nutrients which brain needs it needs the most for normal function. There are foods that keep the brain from damage and aging effects


Most fishes contain omega 3 fatty acids, especially those that are little “greasier” like salmon. When we consider the fact that even 25% of the brain is made up of one type of omega 3 fatty acids (DHA), it is clear why fishes are the ultimate brain food.

Tuna, mackerel, salmon, sturgeon, mullet, arrow, anchovies, sardines and trout are the fishes that present the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids include. Salmon is extremely rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which help the development of brain tissue, or increase the size of the brain. Salmon has a key role in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders. Along with the fishes, good sources of omega 3 are capsules that you can buy at the pharmacy. In addition to the brain, the omega 3 acids are also very beneficial for the heart.

Omega 3 is particularly effective in children with attention deficit disorder (ADHD).


Peanuts, walnuts and other nuts contain properties that can help fight insomnia, improve mental clarity and strengthen memory. Almonds contain an ingredient that naturally uplifting (enhancing neurotransmitters in the brain) and walnuts are also very rich in omega 3 fatty acids. In addition to omega 3 fatty acids, the walnuts contain several nutrients important for the brain and its function. A recent study conducted in the UK was made between 64 students in which scientists tried to find a link between the consumption of nuts and improved mental abilities. The study has shown that the subjects who ate walnuts had up to 11.2% better verbal reasoning abilities.


Blueberries are very good for improving mental function. It has been shown that regular consumption of blueberries in nutrition significantly improves memory. Scientific studies have shown that in later years blueberries can help out with motor functions and balance and coordination. Blueberry is a fruit that is full of antioxidants that mitigate damage caused by oxidation .This fruit is also helps preventing the emergence of free radicals. Since the brain is one of the organs that are under the greatest impact (due to the high power consumption), antioxidants play an important role in the preservation of that important organ.


Eggs are one of the best natural sources of the choline. Choline is essential for the creation of the brain neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which has an impact on memory, structure and organization of different brain regions, and the creation of neurons and synapses in the brain.

This nutrient affects the brain even before birth. Some studies suggest that intake of large quantities of choline during pregnancy is beneficial to long-term memory of the child. It is believed that it is possible to predict the age of the memory based on how much choline is brought to the mother during pregnancy. Yolk is especially very rich in choline. Although the human body has the ability of synthesizing choline, the organism often needs additional food help to meet all needs. Eggs also contain selenium, another nutrient that is important for brain health.


Regular drinking of coffee reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other types of mental disorders. Coffee also accelerates digestion and protects the elderly diabetes, and liver cirrhosis. Caffeine has an important role in improving concentration and reducing the risk of cirrhosis of the liver in about 80% in people who drink at least four cups of coffee a day. Coffee contains a large number of other healthy ingredients, such as chlorogenic acid; an antioxidant that can literally decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s of the disease.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds are rich in healthy fats that help better function of the cerebral cortex, a part of the brain that is held responsible for processing sensory information.

, Ultimate food for the brain and its activity
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, Ultimate food for the brain and its activity
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