How to tame a budgerigar

In the last fifty years budgerigar has become one of the most popular feathered pets. The reasons for such great popularity are certainly its beauty and colorful feathers, intelligence and good nature, and playfulness. Many people like to call them “feathered circus” because of the everyday hustle and stunts can laugh and brighten the day of its owner. Budgerigar is quite easy to tame, and with a little effort, they can learn to pronounce some words. Their price is affordable, eating and keeping them is also very simple, which certainly contributes to their popularity.

Budgerigars are very sociable birds, and with a little patience and attention you can very easily domesticate them. These cute birds are curious by nature, which helps them to overcome the fear of the unknown. The procedure of domestication is not very complicated, but it certainly requires a lot of effort and patience on both sides. New owners usually make mistakes from the start because they want to tame the bird immediately in the shortest time possible, which leads to even greater anxiety and startle of the birds.

The domestication process

The first twenty days after the acquisition, budgerigar should be left alone to adapt to a new environment. After that, with quiet ballot slowly get closer to cage, so that the birds get accustomed to your presence. Be sure to avoid any sudden movements, because they are very often the case that a budgie so intimidated that frantically starts to fly in a cage, which often leads to serious injuries such as broken wings and legs.

The first sign that the budgerigar has got used to you is that she calmly sits on the bars and watches you while changing the food or cleaning the cage. Then, with constant repetition of her name, slowly open the doors of the cage and put a finger in front of the bird, so that the bird can sit on it. Slight pressure of your finger on the lower abdomen of the birds points it to climb to the finger. The process is repeated for several days, even weeks, until the budgerigar is fully accustomed to you. It has been proven that women and children are easier to tame budgerigars than men, and the reason is that they have higher and gentler voice that is more like that of a bird.

After successfully completing the first phase of domestication, you can open the budgerigar the cage doors and let it explore the space. Be sure to close the windows and curtains so that the bird would not run away or ran into the window, remove all toxic indoor plants from the room and objects that you think would hurt be the bird.

As for the learning of speech, definitely start after you have successfully tamed the bird the fact that only male budgie tigress can learn to talk is incorrect. If you acquired budgerigar with the goal you want to learn to pronounce some words, arm yourself with patience. Repeating the same word leads to a bird after a while begins to imitate the human voice. Eventually budgerigar can overcome about 50 words, very often mixed into funny sentences.