How to travel cheaply

To travel and enjoy the journey you do not need to be millionaires, to play the lottery with the hope of a large gain or to forgo much to save. With several of the following tips, an open mind and a big heart – new adventures await you from the corner. Avoid expensive countries (eg. Norway, Qatar, Japan, …) and turn to cheaper destinations (India, Southeast Asia, Southeast Europe, South America, Middle East).

Lightweight luggage – the best option with which you are most mobile and is a quality backpack. Unless you are traveling on an expedition, a lot of things you do not need. Something goods (on the way you have the opportunity to wash), mini laptop, camera, sleeping bag.

A good guide – in addition to tips for inexpensive and tested accommodation, will help you with information about the exchange rate, the price of taxis and other things that you would not be wrong.

Laptop – on the market today there are sundry mini laptops, Samsung tab that allows you, if you own them, can be of great help in the journey. Free internet access is available almost everywhere in the world.

The decoded mobile phone – if you in some country spend significant period of time, buy a SIM card of cheapest domestic network.

Travel health insurance – will greatly save you money if you are forced to use health services in a foreign country.

Debit card – open foreign currency account with a bank that takes the minimum fee for cash withdrawals at foreign ATMs.

Cheap airline flights – are well informed on the web site for the search of cheap flights, book early and you can go pretty cheap even for transatlantic flights.

Be creative – for example, if in a destination not planning to spend the night and want to visit the city, leave the luggage in one of the museum (it’s free); ask the hotels use the shower (most cases fit); for the ladies desired cosmetic treatments are common action of free treatment or makeup in perfumeries

The card with discounts – get student card (if you have the option) or city cards with various discounts.

Land travel – if you have the opportunities and time is cheaper than flying. Also, if you do not have trouble sleeping outside the comfort of the bed additional savings accrue night trip because you do not pay accommodation. Use public transport as much as possible (bus, train). Hitchhiking is the option of free transport, where you can meet interesting people and experience the adventure, but it is a journey of high risk and should take all safety precautions.

Sneak – adventurous but you never know whether you will go if you do not try, as most national parks are no fences, so you can bypass the input and thus pay the same. If you come to the Machu Picchu from the west no one at the entrance does not check whether you have a map; visit the Taj Mahal is free on Fridays for Muslims (suitably clothed and delve into the role)

A good story – be charming and cheerful, imagine a good story who you are, where you come from, what are your travel motivations. Retelling various adventures with Travel can provide you with free drinks, food, transportation and sometimes depending on who your audience is.

Food – Avoid restaurants. No fear to dare to stand with food (be careful that the heat treated), fast food or food in supermarkets. Eat where the locals and it usually means that the food is good and fresh.

Drinking with the locals – locals will make the best of the best and cheapest local alcohol, and probably will have a great time and a glass of conversation

Better safe than sorry – certainly well before the trip destination and more about possible epidemics or necessary vaccinations. Perform all required vaccines, and have tablets (eg. for malaria) to prevent illness in the way.

Souvenirs – Avoid buying souvenirs, a great saving of money and places in your luggage. Let your souvenirs are stories full of adventure that you will support the photographs and recordings.

Couchsurfing – surfing on the couch as free accommodation. That’s what we wrote on our site so look around. In short it is a online community of over two million people from around the world, mostly backpackers who surf other people’s couches but also hosting people in their home. Excellent insight into the daily life of the country you are visiting and the opportunity for concluding international friendships.