iPhone 8 – Expectation, reality, news and updates?

Even though the world is still under the impression for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+, Apple is already working thoroughly on developing new technological must haves.

The new iPhone 8 is supposedly arriving in the 2019. We are little bit more interested in the concept of iPhone 8 rather than iPhone 7 due to the fact that Apple does have the unusual concept of changing the design language of its smartphones every 2 years. Since the iPhone 6 differs from the iPhone 6, we are not expecting some serious redesign changes until the iPhone 8. The chances are that when it comes to design the iPhone 7 will not heavily deviate from iPhone 6.


The graphic designer known by the name Steel Drake has created some visions on how might the iPhone 8 look like. According to his vision, iPhone will be the most beautiful smartphone so far. Allegedly, the case of the phone will be formed from a single piece of glass that covers the front and rear part of the iPhone, and wraps around the top and bottom of the device, and thus slightly reminds to the case covering of Sony’s Xperia smartphone. Aluminum inserts on the sides are then home to buttons and antennas. According to visionary approach of Steel Drake, the new iPhone 8 will have slightly curved edges, which would make it easier to handle, and metal design. The overall vision that the iFans are hoping to see might be something similar to this vision.

One of the visionaries that has given a thorough vision of possible features of iPhone 8 is Mihael Merkler. His futuristic envisions have impressed us heavily.


According to his ideas, the smartphone is likely to have somewhat smaller display than iPhone 6 has (4.5-inch screen, compared to iPhone 6 4.7-inch screed), but the main breakthrough should be the UI via the laser keyboard projector that is very futuristic approach. His envision is to put the RGB Micro LED on the recognisable logo on the rear side of the phone that would emmit different colors for different notifications. He believes that the new iPhone will have 25-megapixel rear camera, wile the secundary camera would have 5 megapixels and a flash. The nice eddition to the front camera would be special light sensor to cater made especially for the purpose of trendy selfies.  the new iPhone 8 would have a fingerprint scanning option, and one perfect addition that we have fell in love is the concept of sollar charging.