How to choose the perfect bangs for the shape of your face

If you have decided to change the appearance of your hair by trimming your bangs, you have to know which bangs would complement the shape of your face. Bangs can greatly affect your appearance and are very striking.

A round face – Soft rounded, but full bangs or long bangs to the side

A round face shape is usually characterized by prominent cheeks that will look great with longer and softer bangs to the side. They will elongate the face and make it visually thinner.

Dense rounded bangs that line the frontal bone will highlight the softness of the round facial shape, but the long bangs on the side would elongate the face and make it narrower. If you do not like fuller cheeks and a round face shape always choose the second alternative.

Bear in mind that the wrong bangs can make the face even rounder. Let the length of the bangs be approximately above the eyebrows, thick and rounded. Thin bangs will not have the same effect, and the longer bangs will only emphasize your cheeks and make the face look fuller.

Celebrities that have round face shape are Jennifer Hudson and Kirsten Dunst.

Heart-shaped face: bangs to the side

The heart shaped face is characteristic for it does emphasize on the lower part of the face, and the fact that the forehead is slightly wider, while the chin seems to be pointy. If you have this type of face, try choosing the bangs that would create some balance and take the distraction off of your chin. Your choice should be straight but thin bangs, or even asymmetric bangs. Since this type of face simply loves bangs, you can even choose bangs to the side that could make a balance line and draw attention from the lower parts of the face.

Reese Witherspoon has this type of face shape.

Oval face

Oval face is the one that tolerates the most of the bangs. You can basically choose the ones you like, no matter what you choose, it would look great. . The thickness of the bangs, as well as other types, should be determined by the thickness your hair, and those with thick hair should wear thinned bangs, with those using a thin dense bangs.

Almost every type of bang goes well with an oval face, but straight bangs with long tufts will emphasize its beauty best. Let the bangs be light and airy. In addition to these, bangs on the side would also look amazing. Give yourself the freedom and experiment with forms of bangs until you find one that you like best.

Square face

This type of face is characterized by broad forehead and square jaw. Your aim is to soothe that square looks with bangs. The bangs that fit this shape best are the same like in the round face, bangs to the side, which should be thicker.  It is essential that bangs have sharp lines, but still give the impression of softness. So stick to the rule that whatever chosen (straight or sideways) bangs have texture and allow your forecast to gently break out behind the bangs to give a gentle and sophisticated look.

Make sure to tell your hairdresser to cut the bangs off just below the eyebrows, while at the edges can stay fuller. In the central part will not mind if slightly protruding forehead bangs through.

You can try and with an interesting version of the longer bangs ones worn by Olivia Wilde, or Nicolera Richie

The triangular shape of the face

People with this facial shape are characterized by narrow forehead and cheekbones and wide jaw line. For this type of face is ideal long bangs parted in the middle, like those worn Eva Mendes., or even denser and longer bangs like those of the Naomi Campbell.