Lose weight by drinking water

, Lose weight by drinking water

If you are considering going on a diet, then you certainly must have thought about the changes you will be making in your eating and nutrition habits. Among the various methods of weight loss, there is one with the help of water. According to specific researches, if you drink water before eating, the easier you will lose weight.

Just two glasses of water before each meal provides you the loss of up to two kilograms. Experts point out that water helps reducing the feeling of appetite, and provides the fed up feeling with zero calories. People who drink two glasses of water before the meal tend to enter from 75 to 90 calories less per meal than those who did not drink two glasses of water.

To get the most out of the water when it comes to your diet, consume about 13 glasses of water daily. Bear in mind not to drink this amount of water at once.  In order to have a real effect of the water, arrange the equal liquid intake amount throughout the day.

For entered 1000 calories you need to enter about 1,000 milliliters of water (1 liter). Of these, two-thirds of the entries beverage and the remainder are provided via food. The right amount of needed can be easily calculated by using a simple formula.

The required daily intake of water in deciliters = TM (kg) x 0.3 dl person who weighs about 70 pounds needs about two liters of water a day.

To make sure as much water you enter, drink from plastic bottles half-liter or liter. This way you will be able to accurately calculate how much you have fluid enter during the day. Wherever you go you carry a bottle of water as this will help in the day to enter the required amount. Let water be a major ally when it comes to weight loss.

Lukewarm water creates a feeling of satiety and thus reduces the appetite. However, this does not mean that you need to frantically drink water, and eat drastically less. Proper nutrition is still important. While it is important to control food intake, more important is that it is proper and regular if you think to get enough nutrients to stay healthy, beautiful and fit. Warm liquids really leave a feeling of fullness, but it does not mean that in itself cause weight loss. Hot or lukewarm water in no way can replace food. By drinking hot water, the temperature should be her only a few degrees higher than the room.

Water is an essential element when it comes to cleaning the body as it relates toxins. Water is in this sense OK, but hot water is even better. However, this does not mean that the cleansing of the body just as losing weight or that all the water you drink per day should be warm.

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