5 fuel saving myths

, 5 fuel saving myths

Chances are you’ve heard various tips on how to you reduce fuel consumption, but have you ever wondered how much truth do this myths hold. We bring you most common myths on saving fuel.

Shutting down the air conditioning

Since the air conditioner in the house seems to increase the electricity bill, you might think that it in the same way consumes the fuel from your car. But it seems that it is not so, and that the air condition does not increase fuel consumption significantly, so you can feel free have a comfortable to ride during hot days. Opening the window on the other hand might be a bad idea because it reduces aerodynamic of car and thus the overall efficiency.

Filling the tank while it is cold

This myth is based on the fact that the fuel is denser when it is cold, so it should be poured in the morning or late in the evening. But the temperature difference is almost impossible to detect since the fuel located in the already cold underground tanks. Therefore, pour the fuel when you want and how you want.


Today, in almost every sphere of life you have a product for everyone, but that does not mean that it is useful or effective. A similar story is and with additives for fuel. Our desire to reduce fuel consumption and to better use has led to a situation in which certain people are thought to be good to add fuel additives. This is not the case, and buying additives will only result in losing money on those fraudulent additives.

Changing the air filter engine

The fact is that every car requires maintenance. Regular service means that your car will last longer drive longer and you’ll spend your money on it as a wise investment. But change the air filter will not bring fuel savings. Some of the tests show that in today’s advanced computing cars clogged air filter does not lower the fuel, but does the opposite.


Many people think that firing engine involves large car fuel consumption and therefore leave to work in thinking that it consumes less fuel. Very wrong! Today’s cars have specific fuel injection systems that are designed to achieve maximum efficiency and do not permit a high consumption during ignition. If you stop for a short time, it’s better to turn off the car.

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