Meeting the partner’s parents – how to make a good impression

, Meeting the partner’s parents – how to make a good impression

Meeting the partner’s parents is a big step forward in a relationship, and in order to make the perfect first meeting a make an impression, the preparation for such big step is essential. You can call them by name, only if they insist on it.

Show your attitude, but do not impose

It is recommended to find out what they like, have any hobbies, what their attitudes about politics and the like. This will help in breaking the ice for lunch, but with some issues you still need to be extremely cautious because some topics are too sensitive, like are politics or religion. Although such discussions are best to be avoided, it is important to check first whether they agree in attitudes or not. It is good to show that you have attitude, but not impose it and respect other people’s opinion.

Avoid delicate subjects

Before the big meeting, it is best to talk with your partner on what exactly do parents know about you in order not to find itself caught, whether it’s about how the two of you met, are you living together or where do you stand about having a child. When it comes to these subjects, you should be discreet in order not to provoke unnecessary arguments.

Prohibited subjects

Although some parents are more opened to these subjects, stories like sex are always taboo topics for the first meeting. They are not appropriate and can cause a number of inconveniences. Mentioning your ex is also one of the prohibited subjects.  Talking about your previous relationship can be extremely unpleasant and awkward for your partner, but also can send the wrong message about you.

Stick to the best topics

Casual topics for discussion that you can hardly go wrong are those like music, movies, sports and occupations. They are unobtrusive and a great way to connect with a partner’s parents. A similar taste in music or movies can help in the future, for example, if you want to buy them a gift that they will like.

And at the end, we can just suggest you to be natural, be yourself, after all, that is why their child has chosen you as a partner, and since you make their child happy, they will like you for that. Good luck!

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