Prepare your child for the kindergarten

Since it is well known fact that men are social beings, this implies that socialization is inevitable. The first official steps are made in kindergarten. This life phase in your child life is important, almost like the first steps. However, to avoid any problems and inconvenience for both you and your child, you should be prepared for this change.

Every parent worries whether his child is ready for kindergarten, how will he manage to handle that separation, will your child be adjusted. We bring you a list of a few important things you need to know and do before your little one crosses the kindergarten doors.


For the introductory “preparations” you can walk with your child by the kindergarten, to show him where they will spend time, the exciting things that are waiting and how to behave towards other children. Tell him that it is now big and familiarize him with pals with whom he will spend time in kindergarten.

No sneaking out

Do not let children get the impression that the kindergarten is something terrible. Talk to your child about kindergarten as a fun and cheerful place, with a lot of friends. When you leave in the morning, do not be sneaking out, but calmly greet and kiss the child. Do not say goodbyes for long as if you will not come back. The child may feel uncertainty and concerned.

Step by step

For starters, you can leave a child in the day care for  just a few hours until they get used to the new regime, going to the toilet, common dining, sleeping. You will find it easier for your child to get acquainted with the kindergarten schedule and rules.


In order to feel secure and to have a connection with you and with the house let him bring his favorite toy, blanket or pillow.

Do not be late

You have to get for the child in time, as you promised him. This has to be the case especially during the first month, when it still has the fear that you will leave or forget him.