How to detect a liar

We all know that saying „Liar, liar pants on fire”, But since you are very unlikely to see people running around with actual pants on fire, here are some other signs you can use to detect a liar

Addressing themselves

Experts say that people who are trying to hide something tend to use  the pronoun “I” very little or not at all, as opposed to those who are honest.  The people that lie are more likely to speak in the third person or to use strange expressions in order to create a psychological distance from their lies.

The speaking tone

If you notice the difference in the speaking tone of the persons you are talking too, the chances are that the person has something to hide. Those persons who lie tend to change the speaking tone from hysterical to a soft and vice versa.

Prompted answers

If a person answers to your every single question without even thinking, you can ask yourself whether that person is completely honest with you. In fact, if you ask anyone what he did last week at this time, that person will certainly give it a little taught before answering. This method can be particularly useful if you have teenagers in the house. If you suspect that your child has done something and you want to know the truth, be suspicious at the moment when you get the responds of any question you ask without a second thought.


You can detect a liar if you notice a person you are talking to performs unnecessary and uncontrolled actions (such as cleaning the glasses, tying shoelaces or wiping the dust off the table etc) during a conversation. Maybe the lie or guilt of lying makes that person in some way anxious and these are ways they use to calm themselves. This is usually when people lie to someone that they care and they love because in that case, they will certainly fail to remain calm.