Reduce the chances of dementia

, Reduce the chances of dementia

Whether it is a result of Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, or simply aging, senility or dementia deprives a family of their loved member. Living with dementia is not inevitable as people age. People of all ages maintain mental acuity by eating a healthy diet, exercise and body and mind, and maintain a positive attitude.

1 Eat raw or cooked fruits and vegetables every day. According to WebMD, dementia is 28% less common in people older than 65 years who eat fruits and vegetables every day.

2. Eat fish once a week or more. The study reported on WebMD, that  people who are older than 65 years, and do not have Alzheimer ApoE4 genetic glitch, have  40% fewer chances of dementia if they consume fish at least once a week.

3. Replace the fats such as sunflower oil and grape seed oil with fats that have higher content of omega-3, such as walnut oil and soybean oil. Retired persons who eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids have experienced less incidents of Alzheimer’s disease.

4.  Maintain a healthy weight. “Obesity” magazine has made a report on research findings that obese people are 80% more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than people of normal weight and underweight people face an increased risk of 36%.

5. Enjoy fun activities that keep the brain functioning. Scientists have studied the effects of free activities to senior citizens in their development of dementia and found that people who participate in activities such as dancing, reading, playing board games, or learning a musical instrument experienced less reduction in mental function than those who did not.

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