Secrets of a perfectly grilled meat

, Secrets of a perfectly grilled meat

Grill is always a good solution when you want to meet three of your favorite things; your friends, outdoors and food. If you want to be a perfect host and the ultimate grill master- you probably want to read these tips for preparing a perfect grilled meat.
Once you’ve purchased meat and marinated it abundantly, it’s time to start preparing the rest. Marinade is definitely an essential part of preparing the perfect grill. It will soften the meat and give its juiciness. Let the marinated meat stand for a while in the fridge, and prior to the preparation remove it and allow it to warm to room temperature.
Set the fire
Never put the meat on the grill immediately when you set fire to the charcoal. Wait for the coal to get the light gray color, and the grill to become red. Solid air flow is also required for a good barbecue. If there is no natural air flow, you can improvise with a little help of newspaper or an ordinary hair dryer. Good fire is important because no one wants to eat meat that is charred on the outside and raw on the inside.
Turn the meat-once
All grill- masters know that the key to perfect barbecue is to turn the meat-but only once. When juices from inside the meat begin to penetrate the outer side, it’s time to turn the meat. But if you grill the fish, make sure to drag it on the grid for few times, to prevent the sticking. The fish is always turned only once, when it is fully detached from the bars.
Timing is everything
To taste weather the meat is ready, stick a finger into the roasted meat. The good roasted meats will have the same firmness as part of the palm just below the thumb when you squeeze your fist. Also have in mind not to stab the meat while it is on a grill. If you need to flip it, use a baking tongs and grab the meat. If you cut through the meat, all the juices will escape the meat, and you do not want that. If you want the meat to be extra juicy, let it stand for few minutes, and then enjoy it.
Clean in time
Once the meat is done, take a few minutes to clean the barbeque. It is always a good idea to let the ember to die out completely, and then throw it out. Leaving the ash in the grill will cause a buildup of moisture and the appearance of rust. Also, the leftover grease on the grill remove thoroughly once the grill bar is cold.

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