Simple baby food recipes

When your baby replaces breast feeding with solid foods, the foods should be sufficiently imaginative and have healthiest nutrition. We present you 5 different recipes for the 5 baby foods that your baby will eat with delight.

Pear Puree

Wash the pears, peel them (optional), cut half and cleaned of the seeds. Put the pieces in a sauce pan and steam a few minutes to soften them. In the case that you have found extra soft pears, you can simply avoid the boiling and cut to the chase. Mix the pieces of pears in the food processor or blender, and if necessary, add a little water. Give your baby the puree immediately or freeze in ice trays for later use.

Pureed plums

Wash the plums thoroughly and make an X with a knife on each plum until you reach the seed.  Preheat the oven to 180C. Pour a little water in a baking dish; just enough to cover the bottom of the dish and arrange the sliced plums with X cuts downwards, to be in the water. Cover the baking dish with aluminum foil and bake the plums in the oven for 25-35 minutes. Remove the plums from the pan with a spoon, extract the seeds and place the plums in a blender or chopper. Mix them until you get a watery puree.

“Salty” dish

You will need: 1 cup of cooked black beans, 1 cooked sweet potato,2 cooked chicken fillets,  half a cup of cooked quinoa and 2 cups vegetable broth and simply mix all ingredients

Fruit and ham

Although it sounds like a strange combination, babies love it. The basic ingredients you will need include

450 grams of chopped ham

3 peeled, cleaned of seeds and chopped into cubes apples

450 grams of peaches

110 grams of pineapple cubes

Place the peaches in a sauce pan and cover with water. Put on the stove to cook. Add ham and apple pieces. Allow to simmer until apples are tender. Mix the pineapples in the food processor and add and mix of ham, peach and apple and mix well. If necessary, add a little water in which the fruit and the ham have been cooking.

Apples, cinnamon and beetroot

To deceive your baby to eat a bit of beetroot, it is best to mix it with apples and cinnamon. You will need: 1/3 cup mashed beetroot, 4 tablespoons of apple puree and quite a bit of cinnamon. Combine all ingredients and give the child to eat or freeze immediately.