Natural way for fuller lips effect

Girls with thin lips always crave for fuller lips. You can easily have beautiful and lustful lips without excessive makeup and with good tricks and a little help of nature.

Full and beautiful lips require regular caring. A toothbrush can help you by simple brush massage of your lips with a circular motion. With this you remove dead skin, and stimulate circulation and you will get fuller lips.
Exfoliation can be done with a mixture of brown sugar, honey, lemon juice and olive oil, gently rub this mixture onto the lips (15-20 minutes) and then remove it with lukewarm water.

To exuberant the lips in a natural way, you can use an old trick and add a drop of peppermint oil to some balm and apply this mixture on your lips. You will feel a little peppermint burning. One drop is enough to make your lips for a while are naturally exuberant. Instead you can use peppermint and cinnamon oil.

Use honey as a natural balm and lip gloss. Honey nurtures the lips make them soft and shiny.

Another exfoliation mixture that can help you to have fuller lips is mix of 1/2 teaspoon of moisturizing creams, 1/4 teaspoon fresh ground coffee and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Apply the mixture on the lips and massage for five minutes. Wipe the lips with a towel soaked in warm water.

Drink 2-3 glasses of water with fresh lemon juice. In this way, they will be softer and hydrated and cleans the organism.