Supplements before, during and after training

, Supplements before, during and after training

To achieve muscle growth, you have to eat properly, exercise properly and rest regularly. When following those guidelines, only in that case you can reach for several supplements that can help you greatly if you use them properly and most importantly at the right time.

Weight training is the only way to induce the growth of muscle mass. In fact, when we exercise with weights, it eventually leads to microscopic cracks of muscle fibers. The body defenses by building new muscles tissue. However, for building new muscle is a necessary material, in this case, proteins.

What supplements to take before, during and after a workout?

In order to make an effort and to stimulate anabolism sometimes we have to take certain incentives, weather guarana, taurine or a combination of both previously mentioned no-boosters. Incentives are usually taken 15- 30 min before training.

When it comes to the energy for training, the human body naturally has energy for 15-20min strenuous activity. This energy is stored in the blood and liver as glycogen. When the body spends natural resources of glycogen, it automatically exceeds to the breakdown of muscle tissue (catabolism) as an additional power source. In order to prevent this process we use carbohydrates: vitargo carbo-loaded or maltodextrin.  The supplements seem to arrive directly in the blood very quickly and plus that are most similar to the natural glycogen. Vitargo carbo-loaded or maltodextrin have their advantages. Since they quickly pass through the stomach and quickly bring energy to the blood at the same time they seem to more quickly bring food we eat after training directly to the muscles (so called, whey proteins).

Vitargo carbo-loaded or maltodextrin should be taken 1g per kg of body mass that lasts for about 60min. Mix your dose with water and start to slowly sip 45min before training. Keep it up and during breaks from training. In that way you will not have to provide an optimal flow of energy throughout the workout. Leave a couple of big gulps to finish the training.

BCAA powder

Why these amino acids? BCAA’s are branched chain amino acids and in their composition are most similar to muscle tissue, meaning that that they strongly support anabolism (muscle growth). Add BCAA powder in your Vitargo carbo-loaded or maltodextrin it is best to add the carbohydrate mix as will be the fastest carbohydrates lead to muscle and it all during training. It is known that catabolism may occur during long and hard training. This is to prevent just adding BCAA to a carbohydrate mix. Since they are easy to digest, they will not create eventual stomach problems during training and you are advised to drink this protein during training.

Add to the mix with 20g Vitargo carbo-loaded or maltodextrin in your water bottle. For even better anabolic effect add another 20g in your shake after training.

Creatine monohydrate

Creatine monohydrate is the main energy source for muscle contraction. Creatine causes an increase in the level of phosphocreatine in the cells (a major factor in the synthesis of ATP). Creatine works best in combination with training and carbohydrate mix.

Simply add 5g of creatine monohydrate in your bottle with Vitargo carbo-loaded or maltodextrin.

Post workout meal

At the end of the hard training, our damaged muscle fibers are crying out for food to be defended by building new muscle. Whey protein provides this food. After the training, there is a time in which muscles need to get their food. This time is so called the “anabolic opportunity”! It stretches up to 45 min after the training. If we miss this anabolic opportunity we’ll never catch up that day which means that we will reduce the opportunity for recovery and muscle growth. In that time, the muscles need the whey protein. Why whey protein? Whey proteins are the fastest-degradable, which means that they pass fastest through the stomach and the fastest absorbed into the muscles. Whey proteins also have the highest biological value.

Take 0,6g of whey proteins per kg lean of body mass. Mix whey proteins with the remaining carbohydrates and 20g BCAA powder and 15g of glutamine powder. Stir in water to achieve a higher absorption. Milk (even the one with low fat) slows the absorption. Use a shaker to break eventual lumps.

If you or on some kind of fitness program, like Insanity Workout, you should also prepare additional supplements and food.

, Supplements before, during and after training
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, Supplements before, during and after training
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