How to increase your self esteem

Self-confidence and faith in you are key concepts for the realization of any life goal. It is easy to recognize the self-confident person. It is the one that knows what he/she wants and believes he/she can achieve it. Low self-esteem is the most common reason why people ‘sabotage’ the good things in life. They can’t even seem to accept they are happy, without questioning it.

Vicious circle

Lack of self- confidence can be considered to be the root of many problems in life. You have probably discovered yourself the negative impact of low self-confidence. People with low self-esteem do not break the unhealthy relationships, they are, more likely to be unhappy at work, yet they do not seem to make any significant changes. They are confident in their physical disabilities, have health problems, are eternal victims and variations are endless. However, there are those who seemingly act happy and confident, and even a bit overconfident, but when left alone, removed the mask and then are quite different.

If you are also one of the people with shattered self-esteem or even without any, you are already hungry for tips to escape this vicious cycle out.

But the mere reading or new knowledge about how to escape this state will not help. Exercise, working on your self esteem and adopting new ways of thinking is the key.

The road to self-confidence is best divided into three crucial steps: preparation, smooth start and acceleration towards success.


In the first phase, the most important thing is to determine where you are now and where exactly you want to go. Refer to your life and write down ten achievements that are most proud of. Read them every week. Consider your friends to tell you some of your qualities and weaknesses. Rely on this information and think about the possibilities and potential dangers of them. In the end extract the things that are most important to you and what you would like to accomplish in life.

Smooth start

In the second stage, determine your goals and determine which skills you need to achieve them. Instead of immediately aiming for perfection, concentrate and work on the basis of these small goals and take a smooth start. Do not expect the perfection from the very beginning, but build your way to perfection. Practice positive thinking, enjoy every success, and set new goals. If you accept the fact that the errors and downs are integral part of the way to success, you will start to be perceived as a positive person.

Acceleration towards the success

In the final step, expand the skills and increase the focus. Set a larger, more far-reaching goals and harder, riskier challenges. And no matter what, stick to those aims, and by no cost you should allow trivial things to get you from your path.

Exercising vs. low self esteem

All activities and sports include challenges, mainly the smaller ones that are feasible. Therefore, regular exercise and practice of team sports with friends brings confidence and security. In yoga, the challenge is, for example, achieving a certain position, in running is to strengthen endurance, and tennis is about having more sets per. Exercise stimulates in the body the secretion of substances that act as natural anti-depressants and mood lifters. In addition, shaped figure, a beautiful and harmonious body makes people satisfied and pretty self esteemed.

Be positive

Already in the first step towards success and strengthening your self esteem, one should become aware of negative thoughts, which undermined the confidence and defend them. With a positive, optimistic thinking good thoughts will come to neutralize or even remove the bad ones.

The 7 days training

Self confident people are, in general, positive, persistent and believe in living the life to the fullest. Unlike them, those with low self esteem often struggle with negative thoughts that hinder self-development and success in life, and lead to self-destruction.

We bring you 7 days “training tips” on how to improve your self esteem:
Day 1: discover the real source of your low self esteem and what is it that makes you question yourself. You can achieve this only by introspection and detailed examining yourself and your flaws, and fears.

Day 2: Once you have “examined” and questioned yourself, decide to change the things you believe that create the greatest obstacle for you and that are “lethal” for your self esteem, and thus your productivity. Let the self-motivation be your greatest trigger for this day.

Day 3: fall in love with yourself, and get to truly know you and your qualities. Allow family members or friends tell you why do they care about you so much, and do remind yourself as often as possible why are you so special.

Day 4: Reward yourself for each, even the smallest success. Remember the saying “baby steps”. Take your own time to grow as positive and self esteemed person, and award yourself with a small treats as a minor “trophies” for your new optimistic view on life and on yourself.

Day 5: Know why are you doing this and be aware that some significant changes will occur on this path.  But no matter what, be persistent and look for the ultimate goal and the way it is going to benefit you in general.

Day 6: remember that you are not there to serve others, but can be of help. If you cannot help others, you can always say “no” without feeling any remotes. Set your own limits and defenses.

Day 7: Keep your personal diary to remember where you once were and where you are now. The diary will help you recall the “bad” habits that shattered your self esteem and make you feel good for overthrowing those negative stands.