Taking care of the eyelashes

There are numerous ways to accentuate the natural beauty but nothing can complement the overall appearance as voluminous lashes.

As well as and eyebrows, eyelashes, have their own lifecycle. Factors that may affect the cycle times one eyelashes are health, age, certain drugs, unhealthy diets and even the manner and means of removing make up.

Base mascara

To encourage the growth of eyelashes, just like hair, the hair need to be nurtured. Base mascara is one of the ways in which lashes can provide the necessary care and stimulate growth while at the same time they also protect against harmful environmental influences and frequent use of colored mascara. Texture of the base mascara is usually creamy white color that contains nourishing ingredients such as seaweed extract, silk, natural waxes, vitamin E and provitamin B5. The base mascara is applied before color mascara, but some manufacturers say that it can be used alone, usually before bed as a cure for eyelashes.


In the case that testing make-up innovation is not your first choice, you can always use organic food. Olive oil is well known for its nourishing properties. Some studies have shown that pregnant women who consume olive oil and omega fatty acids have children with long and shiny eyelashes. Apply a few drops of oil on the Q-tip and pass over clean lashes.

Castor and almond oil are particularly effective for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. Oil will most easily be applied with old and clean mascara brush. Wash and disinfect the brush and then apply oil to the lashes as you apply mascara – from roots to tops. It will make your eyelashes thicker, stronger and brighter and encourage their growth.


The lack of certain vitamins in our body can reflected to the quality of eyelashes. Regular intake of nutrients such as vitamins B and D are very important for the beauty of eyelashes and their resistance to harmful influences such as improper cleaning, use mascara or eyelash curler.

Vitamin E oil

Accelerating the growth and lashes strengthening can be achieved with the use of vitamin E oil. Vitamin E is one of the best “remedies” against hair loss and strengthens lashes and restores their natural beauty.


One of the timeless methods to enhance the growth and texture of the eyelashes is petrolatum. Petrolatum can have a miraculous effect if used properly. Apply it with an empty and disinfected old mascara brush to the root of eyelashes and brush along the whole length. Rinse with lukewarm water in the morning.