The best android apps

, The best android apps

Here is an article that can be of use to android lovers.
If you want to find and download apps for your Android device, we suggest you the following apps:

• In order to download an app or a game on your Android device, go to the website The site is the most simple, direct and safest place for your android.

• Second option is to download a game or an app from Google Play market, which is currently the best source for downloading apps, games, books, even movies. In order to use Google Play Market, create a Google mail account and register on the market using this account.

• Besides Google Play Market, you can also visit the website and download that app. Once you install the GetJar app, the app will provide you downloading option as soon as you search the game or app you want. Then simply open the app or a game.
There are other apps for your android, some might be better than others, in terms of quality, quantity, or depending on that weather they allow you to download directly from the app or not. Besides the mentioned apps, that are currently on top 10, according to the android users, we recommend you some others.
Those are:

Bear in mind that for finding games you can always use good old Google. Just type in the name of the game and add APK abbreviation to the title search. Just be very careful with this type of search, in order to prevent downloading any apps or games that could eventually have negative impact to your device.

, The best android apps
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, The best android apps
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