How to cut pineapple

Pineapple is a very healthy nutrition. It helps with rapid digestion of fat, carbohydrates or proteins, has anti-cancerogenic and anti-inflammatory properties, help with the symptoms of various allergies. With that being said, and the fact that is extremely delicious, there are hardly any reasons why not eat this fruit every day. The only this that can cause difficulties is cutting it. Well, here is a simple tutorial that can solve this minor problem.

• Place the pineapple on the side. Make sure to place it on a cutting board, so you do not scratch the surface.
• Cut off the crown of the pineapple and the stem.
• Once you have removed the crown and the steam, you can place your pineapple vertically. This will help you easier to clean the rust of the pineapple.
• Slice the rust of the pineapple going from top to bottom, on from the part where you cut the crown, down to the part where you cut off the steam. Placing the pineapple in this way will make you easier to cut it, just following the contour of the fruit.
• In order to leave as much pineapple as possible, cut the skin as thinly as possible. Do not cot the brown spots yet, or you will lose too much of the fruit.
• Once you have removed the skin, you now may focus on the brown spots. You will notice that the eyes form a sort of a row and are regularly placed in the pineapple. Simply make the V incision and remove the eyes.