The difference between ombre, balayage and flamboyage

, The difference between ombre, balayage and flamboyage

These two dyeing techniques have recently gained much attention by all those who want a change in the appearance and accept the latest trends. These two techniques of dyeing could be seen as on city streets and on the red carpet. These two techniques might seem to have the similar effect, but they have some significant differences. Ombre and balayage hair coloring techniques have several common points, but there are key differences. Accordingly, we present an overview of these techniques so you can easily decide which one will suit you better.


Ombre refers to gradually lightening of the hair, usually from darker at the roots to lighter at the ends, or vice versa. Ombre can be very subtle or very striking. Look you want to achieve will depend on the technique you use and the color of highlights.

While this look can be achieved at home using brighteners, we do not guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results. Use of the hydrogen is prerogative if you wish to make lighter coloration, but the improper use of the hydrogen might have disastrous results. Therefore, it is better and safer to seek professional help.


Name of techniques comes from the French term ‘ balayé ‘ which means ‘to sweep’. It is about applying paint brush in free style, resulting in a lower visibility of grows, but also a more natural look. Also, is somewhat simpler to be achieved than ombre. This technique is particularly grateful for gradually trimmed hair.

Because of this effect, hair looks as if you had just come back from the beach, while the transition between the shades is not as drastic, making the hair look more natural. This technique does not oblige the use hydrogen because it highlights are just a shade or two lighter from the natural hair color, in order to maintain the effect of natural, sun-bathed looks.

Given that this technique is even more complicated than ombre and requires a visit to a professional who knows what to do, it would be better off going to the hair salon. However, once you do this, you will not have the need to refresh your balayage often, because the impact achieved is long-lasting and does not require constant ‘repair’.


It seems that this season these two beauty techniques won the competition – flamboyage. Judging by a similar effect on the hair and the effect of rejuvenation, which is already the object of worship of many women, this technique is only a continuation of revolutionary aspirations in achieving a more natural hair look.

The secret of the technique lies in the special self-adhesive transparent folium that allows full control of the whole process. Thus, the process is performed with extreme precision, and the result is a more natural sun-effect. After only one visit to salon the natural look is achieved and its effects on appearance are various because complexion becomes fresher face, the genuine appearance warmer and softer, and is particularly grateful for rejuvenation effect.

, The difference between ombre, balayage and flamboyage
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, The difference between ombre, balayage and flamboyage
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