The secrets of a good selfie

Selfie is the new hit that has ruled over the social networks. There is hardly a person who has not heard of selfie, and I am sure that you have taken at least few dozens of selfies. If you haven quite gotten a grip on how to make THE perfect selfie, try our advices.

  1. For good selfie you need to have a good quality camera, so to start, check how many pixels and which option has the camera on your mobile.
  2. Be confident.
  3. Edit your selfie through applications or programs that allow you to edit photos(i.e. Instagram or Pixlr)
  4. Do not use the flash while taking a „mirror selfie“so that the flash does not reflex and spoils the picture.
  5. Selfie likes the rule „the more, the merrier“. So the more of you are in the photo, the better the selfie will be.
  6. For best results, use the rear camera. Usually the front where you see the shooting has fewer megapixels’ than the rear.
  7. For s good selfie, it is not only about you but also the environment. Turn around and check what the background behind you is. Looking for a potentially photogenic scene.
  8. If you pick up the camera to 30 degrees higher than eye level your selfie will look better than if it is below eye level. Always lift your hand a little.
  9. Cleverly choose the moment. Do not take Selfie while doing dangerous activities such as driving
  10. Selfie will not turn out well if your hands are trembling so be maximum calm.
  11. Remove the protective film from the camera. To many this seems obvious and makes it at the first use of cell phones, but you would be surprised how many people never unstuck the protective film.
  12. Selfie does not necessarily need to include the face.
  13. Follow trends and do not avoid selfies. While taking a selfie, it is all about the fun, so have fun while taking it.
  14. For good selfie, practice setting your face in front of the mirror. Try three to four positions and practice them and use them when you take a picture, or when you are in someone else’s selfie.
  15. Turn on the flash or choose light environment. Such selfies always look the best.
  16. For good selfie, always make sure how you look at the mirror or front camera.
  17. Keep your cell phone as far from yourself as possible. The best selfie are the ones where you stick your hand out the maximum while shooting a photo.
  18.  If you want your selfie be all about you, with nothing distracting the photo, take a photo in neutral surrounding.
  19. Include others in your selfie, especially if you sit next to celebrities, or interesting person
  20. Have fun. The boring selfies are not interesting, but the ones that look like you’re in the most entertaining moment of your life.