Things to have in mind while selling the real estate

, Things to have in mind while selling the real estate

When it comes to selling real estates, the main criteria are primarily sales price, and then the location. Due to the high price of real estate and personal incomes that do not follow them, people who buy real estate usually opt for those properties that you cannot afford in the first place. Then they look for the locations, and the third thing that the buyers estimate is whether it is a new or old building.

People, who are looking for real estates, are active in their daily search and browse various web pages looking for an ideal estate and it is therefore necessary to introduce a property in the best possible way for people of real estate will not be interesting if you fail to successfully present your real estate. And if they do not like your advertisement on the first reading, the potential buyers probably will not come back to your ad and better examine what your property has to offer.

In order to sell properties that have sold successfully and quickly, here are some real estate sellers’ advices on how to allocate your ad and make it more visible and more interesting to buyers.

The attractive title

If you are selling a particular type of real estate in a particular area, do not put all the informations in the title, for the ad text will contain all those informations. The title is good to point out the advantages of an apartment, for example, its spaciousness, natural illumination, and good layout, the proximity of certain sports / cultural centers, schools, kindergartens, shopping centers, good transport links and the like.

For example a good headline would read: “A two bedroom apartment with an excellent layout near the tram station”.

Define the realistic price

Price of property is the most important factor in sales. It is always a good idea to evaluate an apartment and then specify a price per square meter. Also, the smart thing would be to inform yourself how much are the prices of real estates in the neighborhood in which your property is located and match your real estate price with those prices. If you think your home is worth more than the average and the neighborhood, emphasize all the advantages of your property in the ad in relation to other properties in the neighborhood.

Do not go overboard with the price, because property prices are usually 20-30% overvalued. If you set a realistic price, you will quickly and successfully sell the property.

If you set too high a price, real estate will not be sold, and the person who reviewed your property will probably not take your ad into consideration because the asking price is too high. If you set the price too high, later on, you will have to lower the price and so will only prolong the time of sale of the property.

Post the property photos

According to the real estate web sites, the ads that have property photos have up to 10 times more views, that the ads that do not have any photos uploaded.

If you do not set the photos of the property, people might think that there is something wrong with the real estate, and that you are trying to hide something. In the worst case scenario, potential buyer might give up on your property because he thinks he will lose too much time if he comes to look at your property, and the property does not meet his requirements.

Set the representative pictures – make sure to take picture of all rooms, windows, building, where the property is located outside and the like. It is important that the property looks neat and well maintained. For example, some of the photos of property tend to have rather negative impact, bear in mind that lowered blinds are often signal that view is not nice or that the apartment is located in the cellar or basement.

Make sure not to lie

The worst thing you can that can slow the sale of property is to lie in the ads. By lying, you only spend your and a potential buyer time, and if the customer expects a quiet neighborhood of the property and they find out that the property is located next to the main road, it is very likely that they will not be interested. Try to present the disadvantages of the estate as virtues, if the property requires full renovation, present this fact as an opportunity to create a layout of rooms to suit your preferences.

, Things to have in mind while selling the real estate
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, Things to have in mind while selling the real estate
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