Twitter for begginers

The entire world went crazy for the social network. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are those that made it to the top of the internet. If you still do not have an account on Twittet, but you do want to“retweet“ or „follow“ your favorite personalities, try following our „how to“ article, and soon enough you will be „tweeting“.

For starters, go to the Tweeter page and type in your name, e-mail and password in the area that says „New to Twitter?“ thne click the „Sign up for Twitter“ option. After that, Twitter will show you if the name you have chosen is available. Double check your entries and click on „Create my account“ and your account is created.
Now click on your name to see your profile. Enter „Edit your profile option“ (option located on the right) and on the left sideyou will see categories in which you can open and adjust them as you wish.

In the category “Account” you can change the username or email address, (not) allow friends the opportunity to find you by e-mail, decide whether you will protect your tweets or not, whether it will include the ability to add locations when posting tweets or not .

This all depends on you and your wishes, but if you open an account for your company, you need to think differently than when opening a private account. Private account you may lock to make your tweets visible only for followers, but if you have created you company or product account, make sure that it is visible to as many followers as possible, for it is the aim of your Twitter account.

In the option “Password” you can change your password, and under „Mobile“ set to you receive notification via messages on your cell phone. In the “Notifications” option you select when to receive notification via e-mail. For example, when someone mentions you, begin follow, re-twitt your twitt or sends you a direct message. Upload your photo or company logo by going on the option “Profile” . There you will can enter basic information about you, your company,the product you are presenting… Also, you can change the appearance of the background in the „Design category“ option.