Miraculous herball tea

Herbal teas are often used to help with colds and flu, but they are much more than that. Tea is not just drink that, like coffee, is associated with gatherings and meetings.Many herbal teas are known for its healing qualities.The health benefits of natural teas are a wide range.They range from the removal of minor problems such as heartburn and insomnia to help in severe disease such as diabetes, arthritis and depression. The effect of herbal tea is truly miraculous. Get to know them, because they are an effective and affordable way to preserve your health.

Burdock tea
The root of the of burdock contains natural substances that help regulate blood sugar levels and stimulate production of insulin.Therefore, the root burdock is a popular agent for the treatment of diabetes.Tea burdock normalize liver and purifies the body of toxins.Burdock improves the function of the bladder and kidneys, and is effective against skin diseases.

Ginger tea
Ginger tea is very useful for colds, flu and other respiratory infections.Improves blood circulation and digestion and protect against traveling sickness. It helps to people who suffer from allergies which we recommend daily drinking this tea. Also works with strong headache, against menstrual cramps and regulating menstrual period.

Hawthorn tea
Tea of hawthorn has a fast and positive effect on the body.Hawthorn berry clean the blood and reduce the overall level of sugar. Also soothes and relaxes, and is effective with liver problems.However, the strongest characteristics shown in the regulation of heart rate – blood pressure, and helps in the treatment of damage to the heart muscle and blood vessels.

Chamomile tea
It is certainly among the most popular teas, many consider it the cure for all ills. Chamomile is often used for gastric diseases, for example with the return of gastric acid from the stomach into the esophagus.It is effective in the treatment of colds and lowers fever. Also, it is known that this plant helps solve anxiousness and nervousness.Fans of chamomile tea prefer drinking it just before going to bed because of its relaxing properties.Recently, US researchers found that a cup of chamomile tea a day may reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Fennel tea
Traditionally fennel tea is used to relieve stomach cramps. However, less is known that fennel regulates appetite and is recommended for people who are obese.It is ideal for children because of its beneficial effect on the digestive system, and also for breastfeeding mothers because it improves the secretion of milk and women who suffer from anemia.

Lemon balm tea
Lemon balm has successfully treated in many types of stomach and bile problems.It has antimicrobial and antiviral activity, promotes sweating and is used in reducing the fever.
Also, facilitates mental problems and will, if you regularly drink, lighten the mood all those who fight depression. Tea made from lemon balm removes tension and nervousness, combat stress and improves memory.

Rosemary tea
The aromatic rosemary improves circulation, relieves dizziness, headache and facilitates joint pain. Strengthens and recovers the body after heavy physical exertion. It also has antiseptic properties so you can use it instead of mouthwash. Rosemary tea will ease symptoms of inflammatory processes in the mouth and gargling will mitigate sore throat.

Green tea
This is probably the most famous tea. In recent years, green tea gained great popularity, so that we can find in any store in all forms. There are numerous medicinal properties of this tea and it is recommended to regularly consume it.
This precious tea improves blood circulation, reduces sugar and cholesterol, protects bones and teeth, is effective in fighting flu and a range of bacterial infections, and is one of the most powerful antioxidants. Along with these properties, it is proven to reduce the likelihood of cancerous diseases, prevents aging and strengthens the heart.