What to have in mind while organizing a perfect picnic

, What to have in mind while organizing a perfect picnic

With the first rays of spring sunshine that brought us longer days, we all want to soak in those golden sun rays. Any types of outdoor activities are very welcomed. We all know that spring is ideal for picnics. You can opt for a romantic, in two, and you can take your whole family – kids will especially look forward to the picnic.

Here is what you all need to make a good time and enjoy your picnic.


It is very hard to imagine a picnic without blanket. It would, of course, be desirable to take the one that you do not normally use to cover yourself while you sleep. If you do not have money to buy a new one, that will be used only for picnics, we suggest that you take an older blanket that you do not use very often. It is always a good idea to have one in the trunk of a car because that way you can always spontaneously organize your small picnic. Make sure to have one that is big enough so that everyone could comfortably accommodate.


Another item that is necessary for the picnic is inevitable picnic basket. While choosing a picnic basket, it would be ideal to opt for those whose top overlap. If you cannot find the one like that; you can take the plain one and cover with a kitchen towel. Most important of all is that it is large enough to contain all you want to take.


If you are lucky, you will succeed to find a place for a picnic next to some kind of stream with clear water and do not have to take the water with you.  However, we recommend that you do not run the risk – make sure to bring enough bottled water with you. They can be partially filled with water and partly ice as the water in them longer remained cold. Of course, by the water you can always take the juices, and the best ones in quite small cartons, iced tea or other refreshing drink that you prefer. For a complete romantic experience, make sure to bring bottle of champagne.

Food and snacks

The whole idea of ​​a picnic lies in the fact that you eat somewhere in nature, under the open sky. The ideal solutions for the occasion are sandwiches. The simplest of them make small rolls or toast but if you opt for the latter and heat them keep in mind that it will probably cool down until you reach your destination. Make them with anything you like – a variety of cheeses, salami, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce … let your imagination run wild, as much as you wallet allows. In addition with made sandwiches you can take some sliced ​​bread and ingredients to make sandwiches on the spot, which is also very fun. In addition to sandwiches a neat idea would be to bring some fruits like apples or pears, and gourmets will certainly be happy to enjoy in sweet and some dry type of cakes such as pies or occasional tasty biscuits.

Kitchen accessories

If you follow our advices, you will not need a lot of kitchen accessories. Be sure to take a sharper knife, plastic plates, cups and forks – which will later just throw in the nearest recycle bin along with all the waste – and enough paper towels. It is certainly useful to have and some special plastic bag for delaying your leftovers until you reach the recycling bin.

Adhesive stripes

If you are a conscientious driver, should always have the first-aid kit in the trunk of your car. However, it is a smart idea to  take with you additional patches in the event that someone is cut, stab the thorn, bleed into contact with sharp branches … Plain small patch in no time can solve the problem. If you travel with children keep, be sure to take the gauze and disinfection spray.

Appropriate footwear

The very idea of ​​going on a picnic implies that on sunny and warm enough, which means that you will be dressed lightly. However, give especial attention to footwear.  This does not mean that you have to go to a picnic in boots, but tend to put on something where the whole leg will be protected. To do this, let’s say, the ideal solution would be thin canvas sneakers that are generally comfortable and where you can easily move. Not only will the clothes that tightly holds the leg to be easier to get around – it can be especially important if you need something for a long walk from where you left the car to the one where you put your blanket – that way you prevent direct contact of your feet with various small creatures that crawl. Of course, you are expected to be sensible and do not walk the bare feet through the tall grass or any court where clearly you do not see what makes you walk. In particular, you should not do if you have children with you.

Charged mobile

If you get into a situation that you need to call for help, it is good to use the benefits of modern technology. Take at least one cell phone charged. If you really do not want to bother anyone, turn it off until you need it – and we keep our fingers crossed that to the fact it does not come.

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