WifiMapper Helps You Find Free Wi-Fi Anywhere In the World

, WifiMapper Helps You Find Free Wi-Fi Anywhere In the World

iOS: The best kind of Wi-Fi is free Wi-Fi, especially if that means using less data and avoiding roaming fees when you travel. The WifiMapper app from OpenSignal makes it easy to find over 2 million free Wi-Fi hotspots around the globe, and its completely free.

Once you’ve downloaded WifiMapper, let it use your location and you’ll be instantly greeted with green dots all over a map of your area. When you tap a location on your map, it will tell you what the location is and give some minor details. Tap the name of the connection and you’ll see if the free hotspot has a time limit, if you need to register to use it, what kind of connection speed it has, and whether it’s an unsecured network. You can also say if the connection isn’t actually free to help others avoid the same problem.

Since you can use it all over the world, it’s perfect tool for helping you stay in touch without having to pay any crazy fees. WifiMapper is only available on iOS for now, but there is an Android version coming soon (for now you can still use WiFi Map). You can download WifiMapper for free at the link below:

WiFi free maper

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