Perfect soufflé in 10 steps

If you think that a perfect soufflé can be made only top chefs, you are wrong! With few professional chefs advices you will easily make a perfect soufflé

1. Basics

Soufflé has two parts. The first is a base which is made with flour, and the second part is made of beaten egg whites. At the end of the making process, the soufflé expands and grows mainly due to the expansion of air in whipped egg and the evaporation of water. Soufflé can be a sweet dessert of chocolate or salty variant, for example, with cheese.

2. Failure

The first times you try to make soufflé do not be discouraged if it does not turn out like the ones in the photo. The egg whites spread in the dish thanks to steam, and it is logical that the “fluffiness” slightly plumps after you remove them out of the oven.

3. Preparation

Soufflé should be made in one move, so it is very important to prepare everything before you start. Make sure to measure correctly all the ingredients and have them at your hand.

4. Soufflé containers

Soufflé is best when prepared in small molds because it will be easier to raise the egg whites, and it is also important that containers are smooth from the inside.

5. Making the basis

Although the egg whites that rise are responsible for that perfect soufflé nice, it is equally important to know how to prepare the basis made of flour, egg yolks, butter, milk and cheese or chocolate. When all combined, leave the base to cool before applying the whisked egg whites.

6. Whisking the egg whites

Will soufflé turn out soft and high, depends on whether you know how to properly beat the egg whites. So pay attention to the process in the recipe.

 7. Placing the egg whites

This part is critical to the successful soufflé. Mixing egg whites created with a lot of air bubbles and, if when moving the egg whites in baking pan you’re not careful, it will not grow. For adding the whisked egg whites, always use a spoon or spatula slowly without stirring.

8. Baking time

If your soufflé stays in the oven for longer than the specified time, it will be dry. There should be as dry as the pie, but also be flaky and light taste. Properly baked soufflé will be fixed at the top, but soft and ‘gelatinous’ inside.

9. Serving

You should serve the soufflé s soon as it is finished, or when cool.

10. Well done

If you have baked the soufflé for the first time, congratulations, because you have made the first attempt, regardless of the final result. If you have the time and made that mistake in the steps, next time will be better, it is important to relax and have fun. And have in mind that practice makes perfection.