10 Hacks That Will Make Your Nail Polish Last Forever

Is it a coincidence or simply bad luck that your nail polish always chips right before you have to leave home and go out? It seems that the mystery will remain unsolved.

But no need to worry girls, because we are bringing you 10 easy hacks that will prevent your nail polish from chipping and make it last forever:

• Before applying nail polish, you have to prepare your nails. Even though you may not have any nail polish on your nails, you should rub your nails with a cotton pad soaked in white vinegar or nail polish remover. It will clean your nails from any excess oil and allow nail polish to stick better.

• File your nails into desired shape and don’t forget to buff them. This will even out the surface of your nails and make them smooth which is an important predisposition for long lasting nail polish.

• Don’t forget to cut or push back your cuticles. This is an important thing to do because if you put any nail polish on your cuticles, the surface will be uneven and more prone to cracking and chipping.

• What we usually skip or don’t have time to use is a basecoat. Basecoat is the foundation for your nail polish; it allows nail polish to adhere to your nails and prevents chipping. Although they are more expensive, sticky, rubberized basecoats are the best and you should consider buying them.

• When applying the basecoat, the best thing to do is to apply two layers. First of all, you should apply one layer of basecoat on the top half of your nails, because nail tips are more likely to chip during our everyday activities. The second layer should go over the entire nail.

• The next step is the nail polish itself. An easy trick which will help you get a flawless manicure is to warm up the nail polish a little bit right before you apply it. This will allow nail polish to spread evenly and ensure you get a flawless manicure.

• Another trick which will make your nail polish last forever is to apply more than one coat of it. Applying one thick coat will make your nail polish vulnerable because it will take more time for it to dry. Instead of that, you should apply two or three thin coats which will dry in no time.

• Top coat comes right after the nail polish. An important thing to know is that you shouldn’t wait too long to apply it. Top coat will stick and blend better if you don’t wait for your nail polish to be completely dry.

• You may consider using glitter nail polish because it can last much longer than other types of nail polish. It is also good to know that you should definitely avoid matte nail polish because it chips really fast and you will have to fix it quite often.

• Every two or three days apply a thin layer of top coat over your nail polish. It will provide additional protection to your manicure and make your nail polish beautiful and shiny. However, avoid hot water and cleaning chemicals because no top coat is strong enough to protect your nails from these.

We know this routine may take some time but trust us, you’ll be happy with the result and you won’t have to fix your nail polish every single day.

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