10 tips for a perfect fruit salad

, 10 tips for a perfect fruit salad

If you love the fruit salad and enjoy the refreshing taste, implement our tips and perfect your culinary skills.

Here are a few tricks for the making of perfect fruit salads.

Seasonal fruits

The best taste and texture has the seasonal fruits. Therefore, to prepare a perfect fruit salads, opt for the fruits of the season and you will surely hit the spot on.

The same level of maturity

Fruit salad will not be as tasty as you wish if some of its ingredients are softer and faster decay, while the others have that solid texture.

Fruits of different textures and colors

Combine different fruits and let your salad be abundant with variety of colors. Also, let your salad be filled with fruits of different textures, so that the every new bite is a surprise and enjoy each refreshing taste.

Remove the seeds, stems, peel fruit

If you’re making a salad of strawberries, cherries or cherries, always remove the stems and seeds. Salad will be tastier and look neater.

Cut the fruits into equal parts

One of the first lessons in cookery classes is that you bits of food are of equal size. Not only will your salad be visually more beautiful, but will also facilitate the enjoyment of the fruits.

Use the same amount of each fruit

Make sure that every fruit in the salad is equally represented, so that your salad does not taste like the one dominant fruit.

Add lemon juice

In addition to give the fruit extra freshness, lemon juice or lime juice will prevent fruits to change its color and become darker.

Spices are not only decoration

The leaves of mint are often used as an addition to fruit salads and in addition to being decorative, giving this delicacy and excellent taste. Mint goes well with melon, berries and citrus.

Add sugar for the fruit which is not ripe

Probably you will sometimes happen to buy fruits, such as strawberries, which is not quite ripe. Therefore, feel free to add sugar to taste.

Yogurt or whipped cream over salad

Creamy dressing give the fruit salad, especially berries, excellent texture and taste phenomenal.

, 10 tips for a perfect fruit salad
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, 10 tips for a perfect fruit salad
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