What does your Facebook status say about you


According to results of a recent study conducted at the University of Brunel in London, statuses on social networks can reveal a lot more than we think. The researches have made a research of even 555 Facebook users’ statuses, and researchers were able to identify five “major” personality traits. Here is what discovered.


  1. People, who publish status about their children, are mostly very conscientious and careful.
  2.  People who publish status on current issues, art or politics are opened and are using their profiles as a platform for sharing opinions and attitudes, rather than socializing and networking.
  3. Those users that often write about their love problems and partners are very likely to have low self-esteem.
  4. Those who publish status of their achievements, diet and fitness routine, are very concerned about themselves.  Such posts, more than any others, tend to receive the most likes and comments, and as is the case, they raise self-esteem.
  5. Extroverted people use Facebook primarily for interaction; those people are more likely like, leave comments, share posts and the like.