19 tips to protect your real estate from burglars

, 19 tips to protect your real estate from burglars

Burglaries are the mostly widespread form of serious thefts. Thieves usually plan carefully and choose objects that are poorly protected and in which there is valuable commodity and money. Burglars often study the habits of the victims, and particularly at risk are elderly and sick people, disabled people, single people and children.

In order to avoid becoming a victim, citizens are advised to pay more attention to the protection of their property and that in a few simple tips.

  1. Always lock the front door, no matter how much you’ll be away, and never leave the key under the mat or other nearby objects. Remember to check on windows or balcony doors.
  2. Lock the doors even when you’re in a house or apartment, especially if you are doing tasks that impede you to hear intruders (vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, loud music listening) or you are in remote parts of the house or yard (attic, basement garden …).
  3. Don’t ever leave the items that enable easier climbing next to the house, such as a ladder or crates.
  4. Windows, large glass surfaces on the doors and the like are frequent targets of thieves in family houses. Make sure to install additional protection in the form of alarm system which turns on in the case of unwanted entry into your property. Place them in a visible place, and do not forget to turn them on when you leave your home.
  5. Burglars often study the habits of the victim, and they tend to aim to elderly, sick, disabled, people living alone and children. Thieves often steal under the pretext of selling various massage devices, knives, etc. – Do not fall for their stories or allow strangers to enter the house.
  6. Do not brag too much to that you just got your salary, bought new appliances or saved a large sum of money.
  7. Thieves know from experience where to look for money and therefore do not hold larger amounts of money and valuables in the house, and especially do not keep them in an easily accessible and the usual places such as bedside tables, kitchen furniture, under the mattress or in the laundry in wardrobes.
  8. Light with the sensor lamps access to the house or flat on the interior and even the exterior part.
  9. Piled mail in the mailbox and permanently closed shutters will alert malicious person that you are away. If you are away, ask a person you trust to frequently empty mailbox.
  10. Leave the person of trust the address where you are staying and a phone number where you can be reached when you are away. Ask neighbors to help keep an eye on the house or apartment.
  11. Never leave a notice on the entrance door where you are and when will you return.
  12. Do not tell everyone you are traveling and do not leave such a message on the answering machine.
  13. In the case that you have unannounced visits at your doors, do not open the front door until you check who are they and what they want. If they present themselves as employees of the electrical or gas company, or as sweepers, postmen and other officials, ask them to show the appropriate card. Check their credibility through the “peephole”.
  14. Do not fall for tricks like fainting or sudden weakness, book offers and similar items for sale or beggars who show up on your door. Be suspicious.
  15. If uninvited persons persisted in his intention to enter into your home, promptly notify the police or neighbors.
  16. Strangers who visit the buildings and houses can be burglars who check in which apartments there are no tenants, so try to remember their appearance and the registration number of their vehicle, as they are likely to closely study the daily rhythm and habits of tenants.
  17. Immediately notify the police if you constantly notice suspicious persons in the vicinity of your home, have permanent anonymous telephone calls and similar phenomena.
  18. If you notice that you are missing the key to the front door, immediately replace locks.
  19. Do not write your name or address on the key.

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