4 hairstyles for volume of your hair

When it comes to hair, it is probably one of the rare things that girls want to be thicker. Girls with thin hair are dreaming only about one thing – volume! If you still do not know how to do your hair more voluminous, we suggest you four types of hairstyles that will make your thin hair look fuller and thicker.

Wavy hair pageboy

The shorter the hair the better chance you’ll have a volume. Modern pageboy haircuts are ideal for you and so make the most of current trends and try these hairstyles. Gentle waves will contribute to the feeling of fullness and density – just what you have always dreamed of, and do not even need to be cut in layers which is usually advised to girls with thin hair. The hair that is shorter in the back will give you a nice and full profile, while the longer front parts will give the impression of length and femininity.

Long layered haircut

If you still cannot give up your long hair, then you definitely need to think about layers, because those pieces around the face to give the appearance of fullness. Also in the case of these hairstyles are recommended gentle waves and curls as it will give your hair volume and vibrancy.

“Sloppy” bob

Now you have already figured out that flat ironed hair is not a friend of thin hairs. Such hairstyles will further emphasize your thin hair. Shorter, untidy haircut, textured and strands which protrude somewhat are the right choice for you. Create a deep side parting, and the hair around the face will look even fuller.


You might think that is shame or even mistake to waist that small amount of hair on bangs, but believe it or not, you are wrong.  Bangs will give the impression of volume hair around the face, while a longer section of hair leaves room for different waves and curls. Try it, you will not regret it!