4 phases for easier learning of a foreign language

, 4 phases for easier learning of a foreign language

The basics for learning a foreign language are actually quite simple, and all you need to do is to follow the four steps method, thanks to which you can quickly learn the foreign language to the average level of speaking and understanding.

First stage: Pronunciation

Pay attention to pronunciation.  Listen carefully and try to repeat the words. The initial phase lasts one to two weeks, if you are trying to “conquer” language with similar alphabet. It is very important to pay attention to pronunciation; you have to know how the language you are learning sounds.  There are various ways to get adjusted to the sound of the other language. Use online sites where you can ‘get used’ to the pronunciation of each word and phrase by audio and video recordings.

The second phase: Repetition

This phase includes constant and frequent repetition of most common used words. In this phase, you are merely trying to memorize as much words as possible and to be able to make sentences out of those words.

The third stage: Listening, writing, reading

Listen about anything and everything. Since you have adopted a decent vocabulary during the phase two, and you are aquainted with basic grammatic principles, in this phase is important that you watch TV in a foreign language, reading newspapers and books, and write whatever comes to mind , be it on the shopping list by putting his thoughts in the written word in a language that you are mastering.

The fourth stage: Active speech

The final stage lasts about 2 months. This is the phase in which you force yourself to speak as much and as often possible the language you are mastering with as little use of mother language as possible. If you do not have time or money for courses, again you can turn to your good old friend – the Internet. Through social networks, the video channels, find people with whom you can talk in a language that you are mastering. You might be making small mistakes, but do not give up, because in order  learn to fluently another language, you have totalk, as long as you do not mind organizes all the necessary information, which is received in the first three stages.


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