Top 5 wrist devices

This year is definitely one of the most important when it comes to small wrist devices and in particular smart watches and some fitness bracelets stand out. We bring you the top 5 devices with features that do not fall behind the characteristics of something larger smart devices.

apple watch

Apple Watch

The main feature of this wrist device is the display that has sapphire coating, which should be able to ensure a high degree of resistance to eventual scratches. Apple Watch contains four sensors on the back. The device has built-in gyroscope, heart rate sensor, and supports wireless charging.

Pebble Time

The screen of this smart watch uses a new technology that allows the display to show some color without additionally burdening the battery. One of the best Pebble Time characteristics (in addition to a color screen) is the integrated microphone, which allows you to send voice response to the notification, as well as the creation of voice messages. The new smart watch is water-resistant, and is also 20 %t thinner than the old model, has a curved design which makes it comfortable to wear. Pebble Time operates with both Android and iOS devices, and specifically supports Android 4.0+ phones


Huawei Watch

Huawei Watch is made of stainless steel and has a sapphire glass. The watch will support Android Wear technology. The materials used for making the body of the watch and bracelets are high-grade aluminum and stainless steel, which is highly resistant to scratches. The watch allows smart notifications, shows the caller and provides the ability to manage e-mails and messages. The watch has a sensor that detects the six axes, accompanied by walking, driving, climbing and running. The device has integrated Daily Health application and records how much time you sit, walk or sleep, among other things. The back has a sensor that measures your heart rate.

4- samsung galaxy gear s

Samsung Gear S

Samsung Gear S sends a notification of incoming emails, text messages, calls and applications from other manufacturers, so you never lose touch with the world. Smart Watch easily connects to other devices because it is compatible with a variety of smart devices. With the help of optimized S Voice, voice and written commands are equally quickly performed.

5- Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band

Unlike many other similar devices, The Band supports all major platforms, not just Microsoft solutions. A total of ten sensors are integrated in the device, and there is a possibility of monitoring stress of users thanks to the sensor that monitors skin reflex. The device even displays the exposure to UV radiation, and information such as e-mail messages, reminders, calls, messages and social networks, time, finances and more.