4 tips for fast hair drying without hair dryer

, 4 tips for fast hair drying without hair dryer

Drying hair on air is undoubtedly the healthiest way to dry the hair. Here are four simple tricks on how you can dry your hair without using a hair dryer.

Avoid hair styling products

If you want to dry your hair faster, avoid applying any of styling products on your hair. Before applying any of these products, it is absolutely necessary to drain the excessive water out of the hair. These products tend to create a layer around the hair, which slows down the loss of moisture and also slows down drying and therefore you should apply them to damp hair, and never completely wet.


To drain the excess water from your hair, use the good old trick with a cotton T-shirt because cotton is much better absorbent than the material of which are towels made.  Wrap the hair in a shirt and twist vigorously to drain as much water as possible. Choose fabric that absorbs moisture.

Wipe the hair properly

Standard rubbing the hair with a towel,  in a movements of back and forth, does more harm than good to your hair and therefore change the way you wipe your hair. The correct way to wipe the hair is to use the towel (or a cotton fabric) from the roots to the tops of the hair, lightly pressing the hair, and repeat. Wrapping hair in a towel is also wrong. Although this method might save you from dripping, it is not going to speed up the drying process. While you are wiping the hair, remember to do it gradually, and not the entire hair at once.

Loosen the hair

If you want your hair your dry as quickly as possible, make sure not to collect it into any tail or make braids out of wet hair, because it will greatly slow down the drying process. Loosen hair, spread and occasionally run your fingers through it to separate the strands. With these tips your hair can air dry in  3-4 hours, and if the weather is warm even before.



, 4 tips for fast hair drying without hair dryer
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, 4 tips for fast hair drying without hair dryer
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