5 ways to make the maximum out of soap remains

, 5 ways to make the maximum out of soap remains

You have probably countless times threw out the soap leftovers, the ones that has been used for so long that you can no longer use it, since it is too small, or you might think that it does not “foam” like it is supposed to. Well here are 5 simple ways that you can use to make the most of those leftovers.

Usage number 1:

These “remnants” of soap you can use in many ways, one of them is that you take the soap and dry them and then put it in a cloth bag that you do not need and put in the closet, among the things that you do not plan on wearing for a long time, say among the things that you have folded for the next season. As those clothes will stand closed a few months, they will lose that fresh smell so that the soap is ideal solution.

Usage number 2:

Make liquid soap from the remains of soap. Simply dissolve the remains in water and store in a bottle, and use to wash your hands or use it for washing the delicate wardrobe which has washed by hand, it is certainly gentler to the fabric than the liquid detergents we buy. Your “liquid detergent” made of soap you can use for washing in machine, placing it directly in the washing machine.

Usage number 3:

If you have never tried the soap instead of powder for machine washing, another way is to grind it and you will get a perfect detergent. If you put it in the detergent container in the machine, the container must be dry so that the water can flush it, but you can also fill it directly in the washing drum. Use it to wash colorful wardrobe.

Usage number 4:

Another trick to take the most of a soap – if you ever bought garlic in the markets, it is usually packed in one white mesh bags, put soap in the bag, well tie and use it for hand washing or showering. At the same time you will, if you use when showering, massage the skin and boost the peripheral circulation, you will have soap and glove shower in one.

Usage number 5:

Ordinary soap for hand washing can sometimes be very effective against stains, moisten a stained place, grate the soap and massage it, leave little to stand and then wash, you will be surprised, are effective against stains and grease.

Finally, to fully benefit from the soap, lump it and “stick” to the soap that you just unpacked. After the first use he will fully merge with the new soap.

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