DIY drunken gummy bears

, DIY drunken gummy bears

When you want to pleasantly surprise your guests at the celebration or party, serve them with „drunken gummy bears”! This is a nice idea, and it will also sweeten and “intoxicate” your friends, and it can be a beautiful decoration on the table!

All you need is a couple of packets of gumdrops (preferably in the form of a teddy bear) and a bottle of vodka!


– Vodka

– Gummy bears

– Glass container (with a lid, but that does not touch the content)


Step 1: Put the gummy bears in a bowl.

Step 2: pour the vodka until it covers all the sweets

Step 3: Ensure a sufficient amount of vodka for a gummy bears to swell and pick up a lot of alcohol scent.

Step 4: Put in the refrigerator and keep them there for about three days, until the gummy bears fully absorb all the vodka.

Step 5: Try the bears and if you do not feel enough taste of vodka, leave them for some time.

You’ll notice that the gummy bears got volume, which means that they picked up alcohol and that your project is successful.

Serve the “drunken gummy bears” to your friends and they certainly will remember your idea and try to copy it. Remember not to exaggerate.

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