6 “harmless” symptoms no women should avoid

, 6 “harmless” symptoms no women should avoid

Lack of energy, pain in the back, or absence of menstruation might be symptoms of something far more serious than you think. If you do notice some of these symptoms, it’s time to see a doctor because seemingly harmless symptoms like these can predict the coming of the serious health problems.

Excessive belly fat

The fact is that the waist circumference that is greater than 88 inches can cause metabolic syndrome, a group of conditions that increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease, even if you have a body weight that is within the limits of health recommendations. The belly fat can press the lung, making you hard breathe. Fat can emit chemicals that cause inflammation and irritate airways, so that the breathing may become even more difficult.

If you do notice this symptom, immediately start exercising regularly and hard enough to speed up metabolism. Replace candy and cakes with grains. Combinations of whole grains and protein digest slowly and help prevent sudden jump in blood sugar and insulin, a hormone that is associated with the storing of fat.

Painful intercourse

You should see your doctor in order to test if you have endometriosis, a disorder in which the endometrium, the tissue lining the uterus, grows in the ovaries and other organs. The tissue is ragging in the wrong place is still leaking in menstruation causing local inflammation and scarring that can cause pain during sexual intercourse. If not healed, endometriosis can lead to infertility, and even tumors that can develop in certain types of ovarian cancer.

Consider taking birth control pills, which can thinner endometrial tissue, which can make the menstruation cycles easier and less likely to be damaged pelvis. Regular examination by a gynecologist is also necessary.


If you removed the usual suspects such as addiction to fast food, sleep deprivation, or occasional vigorous training, lack of energy can be a sign of low thyroid or hypothyroidism. The thyroid gland produces hormones that control metabolism, heart and many other body functions. With the slow production of hormones, you can feel the decline of mental function, depression, poor circulation or high blood pressure, all of which can eventually lead to increase the risk of heart disease.

If you have the thyroid problems in your family and other symptoms such as swelling of the face, weight gain or hoarseness, a blood test will reveal how your thyroid gland works. In case you really have a slow thyroid doctor may recommend taking artificial hormones.

Migraines with aura

Up to 30% of people who suffer from migraines have an aura – a visual disturbance such as dots or flashing light, and sometimes weakness of motion or tingling phenomenon – which doubles the risk of ischemic stroke.

Women who have migraine with aura should stop smoking and use birth control pills with estrogen to reduce the risk of stroke.

Constant back pain

Chronic back pain that lasts six months or more is associated with loss of brain mass, which corresponds to 10-20 years of normal aging.

Strong muscles of the abdomen and pelvis help you in complying with the back, so it’s good to go to pilates. Try to always keep upright and keep your computer screen is at eye level to prevent problems with the neck and spine.

Lack of menstruation

You may be glad that menstruation is absent, but it can be a sign of low estrogen levels, especially for conditions such as hypothyroidism. Estrogen is the hormone that helps in regulating bone formation and maintains a healthy heart. Even the three months without a menstrual period can affect fertility and increase the risk of osteoporosis and heart disease.

If you do not have your period for more than three months, examine your hormones. Maintain a healthy weight because it will help you maintain desirable levels of estrogen and regular menstrual cycle.

, 6 “harmless” symptoms no women should avoid
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, 6 “harmless” symptoms no women should avoid
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