How to lose the double-chin

, How to lose the double-chin

Double chin is formed as a result neck muscles relaxation, because it creates the fatty deposits. The formation of double chin is affected by multiple factors, such as genetics, age, and fatty foods nutrition. Even often watching down, like watching in a laptop or cell phone, can help the emergence of double chin.

Once formed, it is extremely difficult to get rid of, and the easiest way to remove the double chin is with the help of plastic surgery. However, in this age of financial crisis, not everyone can afford plastic surgeries. Somewhat cheaper solution is liposuction, which extracts the accumulated face and tightens the skin which results in double chin reduction.

But for those who do not want or do not have the funds for cosmetic procedures, there are several exercises that should be repeated in order to help you.

Even it sounds silly, repeating the grimace or send a kiss in height can be rather effective. Results will not be immediately visible, and it is usually necessary to repeat this several times a day.

Also one of the silly exercises that actually help is to simply tongue out as much as you can and repeat this “exercise” couple a times per day.

Already well-known exercise in double-chin reduction is circulation neck, which also helps to restore the elasticity of the neck muscles, having in mind that circulation movements should be slow and hard in order for exercise to have some effect.

Be sure the food you consume has to do with the emergence of double chin and foods that are blacklisted are definitely ones that inflate, such as pasta, potatoes and bread and all foods rich in salt. While the food is high in protein and fiber is always desirable.

General exercise is also preferred, and if it is done daily by at least 20 minutes, our body, and hence our chin, will be more elastic.

There is also the option of a facial massage, which can solve the chin. With light circular movements massage the face, starting from the chin and across the cheeks and to the area above the eyebrows. Massage can last only five minutes, but the important thing is to repeat the massage every day. Beauty salons offer a variety of facial massage, which include massage skin of the chin.

Even while eating, we can reduce our double chin in a way that the more chew food. Also, good idea would be chewing gum, and will surely be preferable for it to be sugar-free. The most important thing to remember is that the double-chin problem cannot be solved in one day, but with everyday practice.

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