If you are constantly tired, slow and have poor concentration it is most likely that your body needs cleaning. Some of the most common symptoms are: headache, skin problems, bad breath and body odor, the growth of Candida and frequent depression, listlessness and poor memory, abdominal bloating and gas, indigestion, weight gain or excessive weight loss.
Although detoxification can be done whenever you want and feel you need, the best time for this spring and summer. After a long winter, when the diet lacks fresh vegetables and fruits, spring is the time to cleanse your body and fill it with vitamins and minerals.
To fully revive your body, we advise you seven-day plan for detoxification of the body.

During the day, drink at least 10 glasses of water. Drink throughout the day and two cups of herbal tea (green tea, nettle, dandelion, mint) without sugar.
Just after rising; Drink a glass of warm water to which you previously squeezed half a lemon
Before sleep; A glass of water with one tablespoon of bentonite and a teaspoon of ground flaxseed
DAY 1:
You can eat any fruit except bananas. It is recommend to eat apples, pears, tangerines, oranges, grapefruit and kiwi. Fruit, fresh or canned, will provide the body the necessary nutrients.
You can eat all kinds of vegetables, raw or cooked, in the amounts desired. For dinner prepare a larger potatoes baked in the oven with a piece of butter. Vegetables will give you all the necessary nutrients and fiber.
You can eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables, except bananas and potatoes, in amounts as desired. Do not be surprised if you have a desire for food because the next day that need will begin to fade.
DAY 4:
Today you can eat up to eight bananas and drink three glasses of milk, and s vegetable soup. Bananas are used to compensate the potassium and sodium that are lost.
You can eat up to 600g of beef and 6 pieces of tomato. Increase water intake. From the beef you get iron and protein, and the tomato provides you with vitamins and fiber.
DAY 6:
Consume beef and vegetables in unlimited quantities.
DAY 7:
Today you can eat brown rice, all kinds of vegetables and drink unsweetened fruit juice.

Have in mind that most experts recommend implementing detoxification diet once or twice a year to improve health and prevent diseases. Not more than three times a year

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