7 Legitimate Ways to Earn Extra Money at Your Pace (and Sometimes in Your Pajamas)

Everyone can use an extra source of income, right? I have a 2008-era Southern California mortgage—all I think about are extra sources of cash. So what’s the key to an extra source of income? Well, it mainly has to be a task you can do on your own schedule, it has to be legal, not interfere with your day-to-day life, and if you can do it in your pajamas, well that’s gravy.

1. Postmates
If you have a bicycle, and live near a major city, you can make one-hour deliveries for Postmates. Everything from groceries to legal documents and everything in between, while earning up to $30 an hour. While bikes are the most popular mode of transport with this service, cars, trucks, scooters and motorcycles work, too.
Can you do it in your pajamas? Probably not, these guys stress a “professional” look.

2. Sell Your Creative Talents
If you’re the creative kind, fiverr allows you to make money pretty fast for skills that you’re already great at. All you do is register, list your talent (anything from sophisticated web design to telling silly jokes), and wait for people to bid on your “gig.” Gigs pay between $5 and $500 and 15 percent of its users say fiverr is their primary source of income.
Can you do it in your pajamas? You might earn a little more if you do.

3. Pass Your Knowledge on as a Tutor
Are you smart in a particular school subject? Can you solve geometry in your sleep? Tutoring over the Internet is an excellent way to make extra money. Anyone can tutor students online, but the great ones—the ones that make top dollar by explaining complex problems to confused kids—make it an art form. Tutor.com is a great site for this—I know a couple teachers who’ve been using it for 8 years and they average between $800 to $1,600 a month. Instaedu.com is another website that pays tutors $20 an hour.
Can you do it in your pajamas? YES!

4. Get in the Advertising Industry
You’ve probably seen this kind of advertising on the road before. If you have a car in good external condition (no dents!), there are companies that’ll pay you to “wrap” temporary decals on your car that advertise products. The company takes your car, applies the decals, and you go about your normal driving routine. Adzinmotion, is one company that does this. A little research shows that you can make anywhere from $70 to $500 a month, but there are quite a few others companies that do this at varying rates, too. Photo: Adzinmotion
Can you do it in your pajamas? Why not—there have been plenty of Saturday mornings I’ve picked up coffee and breakfast burritos via the drive-thru window in pajamas.

5. Work and Learn at the Same Time
This one’s for students—Studentaid is a work-study program that puts you to work in a field related to your course of study. Basically, you’re getting paid to learn what you’re majoring in. Also , you’re racking up contacts and resume points. Win, win, win.
Can you do it in your pajamas? Probably not.

6. Your Car Can Become a Tiny Limo
If you have a relatively new car (2000 or newer), you’re at least 23, and you’re a good driver, you can earn up to $35 an hour giving rides to carless people who need rides to airports, grocery stores, or wherever else people without cars go. The service is called Lyft–you might have seen their drivers around town with those big, plushy pink mustaches on their cars (see the pic above). Again, you set your own schedule on this one. Naturally, there’s a risk involved here–you’re driving people around the big city and fender benders happen–so tread cautiously even though the company offers liability insurance.
Can you do it in your pajamas? Sweatpants, maybe — nice sweatpants.

7. Donate Plasma
Donating plasma has always been a popular way for students to earn extra cash. You can earn about $60 a week to sit in a comfy chair for an hour and a half and study, read, or use the free wi-fi. Your money then gets instantly loaded onto a prepaid debit card and you’re free to go. In the US, look into Biolife Plasma Services–it a safe facility that offers such services. Pro tip: remember to hydrate before and after.
Can you do it in your pajamas? They’d probably have to be fancy pajamas—like something Hefner would wear.

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