How to return tax in Australia?

, How to return tax in Australia?

If you’re lodging your own tax return, you need to lodge it by 31 October.
You have two free options for lodging your tax return online – myTax and e-tax.

MyTax is our new streamlined tax return designed specifically for people with straightforward tax affairs. It’s available on tablets, smart phones and computers.

You should use myTax if:
– you were an Australian resident for tax purposes from 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014
– your only income was from salary and wages, allowances, bank interest, dividends and/or Australian government payments
– your only deductions are for work-related expenses, expenses relating to income from interest or dividends, gifts and donations and/or the cost of managing your own tax affairs
– your only tax offsets are the senior Australians and pensioners tax offset, the zone and overseas forces tax offset and/or the private health insurance rebate.

, How to return tax in Australia?
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, How to return tax in Australia?
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