8 of the most anticipated gadgets in 2015

New Year brings with it new technological achievements. We bring you the list of some of the most anticipated gadgets of the 2015.

iPhone 6s+

The model is expected to be put on sale by the middle of September. We do not doubt the popularity of the 6s+ model and its new iOS8 software.  However we do question what does the new iPhone has to offer us, since we are not expecting any new features or significant changes when it comes to design, or screen size, but we do expect some improvements when it comes to camera.

Apple iPad Pro

The model is expected to be released in the spring 2015. Speaking about the Apple, iFans eyes are all on the new 12-inch iPad Pro tablet. The new, larger iPad will place the focus on productivity, and we would not be surprised if Apple updates iOS for the iPad.
Amazon Kindle Fire 2015 edition

We are expecting this gadget in the Septemper.

 The gadget seems to be very highly ranked when it comes to Android tablets. According to the rumors, the newest tablet should be improved when it comes to the size of the screen that would enlarge the productivity of tablet. We are expecting top quality of the gadget, which does imply top price, but also the top features.

HTC One (M9)

The model is expected to come to the market by the beginning of March 2015.

M9 model just might present new standards for all Android driven appliances, and many agree that with its design, elegancy and quality new HTC model can be compared to the iPhone 6. Allegedly, new HTC has 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor and 3GB RAM memory.HTC M9 differs from the previous model when it comes to camera. The rumors have it that the M9 is equipped with 13 megapixel front camera and 20,7 megapixel rear camera. HTC One M9 is expected to have 5 inch screen with 1920×1080 pixel density. When it comes to software specifications, M9 will have 5,1 Lollipop.


Expected date of sale: May 2015.

LG G4 just might be the first phone that runs on in-house LG system chips and thus continues the strong LG G3paths. LG G4 has improved display, which was the main fault in G3 model. LG traditionally holds slightly lower prices than their competitors so we expect attractive prices and greater pressure on competitors.

Motorola Moto G 2015 edition

Expected date of sale: spring 2015.

The expectations of the new Motorola Moto G 2015 edition are to lure the buyers with a better screen than the last Moto G had. A good attributes would be better battery life expectancy and certain improvements when it comes to camera quality. Since Motorola is well known for its low prices, we are expecting that they will continue with that practice with this new model.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The model is expected to be put on sale in autumn 2015.

According to the rumors about the new Galaxy Note, the newest tablet should have 5,9 inch screen with somewhat higher quality resolution, allegedly Ultra HD resolution.  But those are just rumors, and the real facts are still left to be seen.

Xiaomi Mi5

The date of sale of this model is in spring 2015.

Beijing Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. has reached unbelievable results when it comes to Chinese smartphone market.  The smartphone is having a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 which means 64 bit computing with 8 CPU cores .the manufacturers have also given it a water resistant quality along with 5.5 inch 2k Ultra HD Screen .When taking in consideration these characteristics and the fact that the price is rather low, we do not doubt that this smartphone will be a great hit this year.