Most common mistakes made in gym

, Most common mistakes made in gym

Going to the gym in order to exercise is definitely a good thing, but it is not enough to achieve results. There are several mistakes that people often tend to make while in the gym and because of those mistakes, their effort just might be unnoticeable.

  1. Repeating the same workout every day even if you have not exercised for a long time or you haven’t worked with a professional trainer is not good. You probably do not even know that muscles as well need some rest.  If you exercise the same muscles every day, they have no chance to recover and will never begin to develop, strengthen and become more tense. After an intense workout each muscle group should be at rest for least 48 hours. Make sure to rest because excessive workout might prevent the muscles development.
  2. The women tend to have fear of the weights because of the myth that weight lifting would make them to become very large. As opposed to this myth, weight lifting shapes the sexy hands, firm buttocks, a flat stomach and a desirable figure, not to mention the fact that the more muscle activate, the more calories you burn, even while resting. Bone density will also grow from weight training and it might help you to successfully fight against osteoporosis.
  3. It is a fact that women seem to drink more water than men. Proper body hydration is genuinely important. When it comes to workouts, consumption of water helps release all the toxins from the organism, maintaining joint health and avoiding vertigoes, and puts a metabolism on a higher scale, while reducing the hunger at the same time.
  4. Excessive cardio exercise not only spoils the form, but also destroys the immune system. The excessive cardio exercises increase in the amount of the cortical in a body, which later on turns into a degradation of muscle tissue. The less muscle, the exchange of substances is slower. Cardio exercises are advised to do no more than 3-4 times during the week for a period of about an hour.
  5. Poor technique of exercise eg. When pulling in front of the head, both men and women “interesting doing the exercises” in the gym, but it many women make the same mistake in drawing exercises in front of the head with a wide grip. Here the emphasis is on the broad back muscles, but it many women do not use anything other than the hands. In this exercise when the proper performance of the rod should receive something wider than shoulder width and pull chest high so that during drawing back remain straight and slightly to the upper body tilted back. It should concentrate on back muscles, hands are only a tool that serves as a handle.
  6. Bad technique of doing the exercise does not only make you look funny in the gym, but is also rather pointless. While doing the exercise make sure that you are activating the muscles you need to activate in order to make certain exercise as functional and useful as possible.
  7. Reducing waist with abs is the biggest hit. We often see the cases in the gym where people seem to focus only on abdominal contractions, leg lifts, twister, and a million other exercises for abdominal muscles. Many believe that this will also slim waistline, but the sit-ups cannot take off the fat from the abdomen. Removing the excessive fat is possible with combination of diet and certain cardio exercises. Additionally you can do the sit-ups and work on the abdominal muscles, but in order to remove the fa from the waist, focusing merely on abdominal muscles workout would hardly provide you any results.
  8. It is a perfectly normal to sweat while in gym. This fact seems to come to surprise to many women while doing the regular exercises. So do avoid wearing make-up while doing exercise, for you will only make counter effect.

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, Most common mistakes made in gym
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, Most common mistakes made in gym
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