Advantages and disadvantages of online shopping

Today it is possible to buy almost everything without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. This form of shopping has many advantages, but it has several disadvantages over traditional methods.

Lack of  interaction with the product

First disadvantage is lack of interaction with the product. It’s hard to get a sense of how the product really looks when buying it online. You have only basic descriptions, product images and perhaps video. Some websites offer a 3D view which facilitates an idea for a particular item. Sometimes, once you receive the product, you will realize that it looks different than what you imagined. You can be disappointed when you receive the item. There are a number of items that can be bought in this way. Items such as mattresses, beds or sometimes clothes, especially if you do not fit the standards of sizes, are not the best for this method of purchase. If you are purchasing electronics, and you are not too savvy when it comes to technology, in a traditional store retailers are there to help you and answer any questions. If you are buying online devices, you must wait for a response to an e-mail or phone to establish contact. Some networking sites have forums, but responses may be unreliable or false.

Methods of payment and additional costs

The questions is are how much and how will you pay for the item? Most of the online vendor wants the payment at the same time as your order. You can do this by sending foreign remittances. It should be noted that the money can be sent also by SWIFT (fast banking system). If you have a debit or credit card it is the easiest option for payment of goods. Most electronic shops accept credit cards as Visa, American Express and MasterCard. Yes, there is a possibility of identity theft, but only if you buy from unverified pages, pages that do not have clearly highlighted security guarantees, do not use a security certificate. All known electronic commerce have strong security certificates so that the possibility of compromising credits card and the customer during the online payment is almost impossible. World’s credit card companies and sellers themselves are in charge of the safety.

Awaiting Delivery

Another disadvantage of online buying is waiting for delivery of items. Some local problems can also delay the arrival of the product to your address. For people who are impatient, it can be a major drawback to the use online shopping.

If you order the product from the website that you have never used before, and it seems that it’s been quite some time and the item has not arrived yet, it can be even more frustrating. You become concerned that web page may not legitimate. It can be even more complicated if you send them an e-mail to which you have received no answer. Although security improved significantly when it comes to online sales, there are still such faux websites. Therefore, buy from trusted sellers. By the way please note, the greater the chance that the item you paid does not arrive to you than ever to fall victim to abuse your credit cards.

After reading all the disadvantages of online shopping, do not get scared and give up this way of buying. There are so many benefits so that you can easily forget some shortcomings. Wandering stores in search of the target item, crowded and hard trying out clothes, sometimes it can be quite stressful. Do you buy online; you will certainly find items for less money, or those who are not available in our stores and save time.. Buying in mega malls with various events, bars, also can be a pleasant experience. Online shopping is an alternative to traditional shopping. It is best to combine both. That is the easiest way to save money.