Avoid impulsive shopping with these 3 tips

Avoid impulsive shopping with these 3 tips

You often find yourself in financial troubles simply by being irresponsible and making a prompt shopping decisions. If you wonder how to avoid this, consider these three main tips that could potentially help you keep your money- in your pocket.

The smart thing to do is to return to the basics – make a list. Whenever you go to any store make a list of things that you need. Our research tells us that you are much less likely to fall into the temptation to buy something else that you do not need, if you make a list of things you need to buy in that specific store. Make the lists your routine prior to going on any type of shopping, weather it is buying groceries, shoes, make-up, clothes or just about anything.

Another effective strategy is to bring along a friend or spouse. In this way you can more easily resist the call of purchasing the items you do not need at the moment and will certainly help you stay focused.  Of course, you must choose a reasonable person to accompany you to your shopping, the person who knows how to spend money wisely, and prior to your shopping, agree with that person what exactly you are going to buy and how much money have you planned on spending for that item.

The third thing you can do is – stall. The impulse to buy is strongest when you see something and you want to react immediately. When you enter into temptation to buy something, move away from this product. Go somewhere else in the store, and take everything else you need. If it is a shop with food – if you eventually purchase the product is still very attracted to and you think that’s a good idea to buy it and you can afford it, then buy it. A good choice would be to get out of the store and at least sleep the night before you return to the store after the dress or shoes. You bring a lot more reasonable decision about whether you should actually the clothing item, shoes or some electronic product, and if you can afford it at all.


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