Cheap and innovative ways to refresh your walls

, Cheap and innovative ways to refresh your walls

The easiest way to fill the empty walls is by hang interesting paintings o0n them, but that solution often seems to be too expensive. Here are some original and entertaining ideas on how to make your walls more interesting.

Wallpaper poster

Simply fasten an interesting wallpaper sample with two slats and hang that on the wall. The motive can be bigger and with stronger color, especially if you have neutral walls.

Vintage porcelain plates

Explore your grandmother’s cabinets, I’m sure that there are hidden some real porcelain vintage jewels somewhere in them. For this idea you will need a bit of work and if we want to make frames for plates or use one simple trick: buy frames for photos. You will have to throw out the front glass and put decorative quality paper for the background. You might need a little adjustment of the framework at the place of the ejected glass, but that is a small work to be done for such adorable idea. Trust me, it is worth it.

Japanese ornamental paper details

These simple “images” are made of respected Japanese washi paper. This paper in the Japanese tradition falls almost in the art and it is not just easy to find. If you cannot find this paper, than try to find in the hobby centers another quality paper which has interesting motifs , like the rice paper. You can use empty canvases or some other interesting flat boxes of the same or different shapes to cover them with this paper and you will have an interesting patern on your wall.

Old vinyl records 

If you have a bunch of old vinyl records that have long been in the attic or in the trash, it is high time to use them.  Here is an opportunity to frame the idols of your youth. Besides being reminiscent of the “good old days” it can be a very interesting wall decoration.

Framed handicrafts

Here’s another beautiful vintage proposal. Dig under cabinets and find old handicrafts your mom and grandmother and frame the. If you feel sorry to crop some of the pieces of tablecloths, search some others at the flea markets, they are offered at ridiculous prices.

Wallpaper patchwork

For this you need a patchwork several rolls of different wallpaper. Play with colors and motifs, but make sure that looks as a unit once finished. If you have a waste of the wallpaper, paste it on the photo frames.

Framed wallpaper

The rest of the wallpaper or even quality fabrics (say from draperies) although at first glance banal acts will make the wall still works better than it was empty.

Vintage wipes

Not so long ago, these wipes were mandatory part of every lady’s handbag or men’s pockets. Now you can frame them in simple photo frames and enjoy the interesting motifs on your wall.

Knitted baskets

Hand-woven baskets of various shapes on the wall will be a perfect fit in the country or shabby style.

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