How to improve your concentration

, How to improve your concentration

To be successful in learning, it is important to concentrate well, which is not always easy. The ringing cell phone, noise on the street, as well as some private concerns is just some of the enemy of concentrations. Some studies have confirmed that concentration can be improved by brain stimulation. Here are five ways to do it on a daily basis.

Reading books

Although you already do a lot of reading of books and scripts (or at least you should) for school and college, it is good to make a daily departure from that type of  literature, and read some easier reading fiction, or classic, depending on preferences. In addition to books, add some newspapers, portals or comics to your reading list.

The diverse content, stimulates brain activity, and is known to boost concentration and memory.

Solving a puzzle and crossword

Fulfilling crossword puzzles, solving a puzzle and the like, are the right ways to stimulate the brain, and takes a simple mouse click to reach them.

Use the weaker hand

If you are left-handed, try execute some common everyday actions with right hand. At first it might seem funny, but with practice and habit, will strengthen your weaker upper extremities, but also stimulate the other side of the brain, which would not otherwise serve. It is known that reel players, have been developed both sides of the brain, since they also have to make different punches with both hands and with one or both legs.

Playing video games

Video games are often considered to be the ultimate enemy of concentration, especially when you play countless hours on the day. However, some games like Tetris, memory games, chess and other logic games, in moderation, can indeed activate the brain waves.

Learning a foreign language

This is one of the best ways to stimulate the brain. You can learn independently, or go to the course. If you do not want or cannot set aside a certain amount for entering the course, you can find one free online. Just browse dictionaries of foreign words, it may be useful to improve concentration and brain stimulation

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